Belarus planted winter grains throughout 783 thsd ha

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The FINANCIAL — According to operative data as of September 22, agricultural organizations of Belarus planted winter grains throughout 782.9 thsd ha (63.3% of the plan), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus. But on the same date in 2014, agrarians planted winter crops throughout 971.8 thsd ha (79%).

Also, agrarians harvested corn grain throughout 5.21 thsd ha (5.6% of the planned areas), and produced 26 thsd tonnes of the grain, with the average yield of 4.98 t/ha. But last year, Belarus harvested 109.6 thsd tonnes of the grain throughout 16 thsd ha (12%). The average yield totaled 6.87 t/ha, according to APK-Inform.

Belarus harvested winter and spring rapeseed throughout 240.2 thsd ha (99.1%). The harvested volumes totaled 458.5 thsd tonnes, with the average yield of 1.91 t/ha.


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