BHA introduces new board of directors

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The FINANCIAL — The British Hospitality Association has replaced its council and national executive with a constitution and a new board of directors made up of high-powered executives from across the hospitality industry.


According to Caterer and Hotelkeeper, the industry body said it had made the move because its old structure had become increasingly complex and unwieldy.

BHA chairman Alan Parker said: "Generating 8% of total employment, hospitality is already the UK's fifth-biggest industry. As the engine of tourism and other sectors which rely on a dynamic hospitality industry, the potential for further job creation, export earnings and investment is yet to be fully tapped".

"At the end of 2010, the BHA adopted a new business plan committed to working with industry and government to unlock the hospitality industry's full potential – a critical effort at a time when jobs are most needed in Britain."

"The new BHA structure will enhance the association's ability to deliver on its plan and at the same time better serve its members during these challenging times. I am very honoured to be asked to be the first chairman of the board."

Ufi Ibrahim, BHA chief executive, said she was delighted the new constitution had been overwhelmingly approved by the BHA membership.

"The BHA now has the right foundations to champion the interests of our members – and the 2.44 million jobs generated through our industry – in a forceful, coherent and co-ordinated way, to government and policy-makers in the UK, the EU and internationally", she added,

"Our new structure will better enable us to build on the core strengths and capabilities of the association; sharpen our effectiveness; raise the industry's influence on government and policy-makers, and unite all hospitality businesses to ensure a common voice for the industry".

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