Bitcoin’s Price Makes Major Dips – What’s Next for The Crypto Giant

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Bitcoin had been on a bull run for a long time and reached a record high of $65,000 in April 2021.

A few factors contributed to the sharp rise in Bitcoin prices. Firstly, companies like Tesla, Square, and MassMutualinvested in the crypto market and bought crypto assets in sums equivalent to billions of dollars. Secondly, the FED’s generous stimulus package brought further investor interest, and thirdly many investors placed their confidence in cryptocurrencies because they felt they had nowhere else to go.

Some experts even predicted Bitcoin would reach $75,000 in Q2.

Bitcoin performance in Q2

Bitcoin is considered to be the king of the crypto space because it was the first popular crypto coin and thanks to its medium of usage throughout the globe. However, in May 2021, Bitcoin’s price dropped by 30%, and a few factors fueled this crash. The same Tesla that had bought millions of Bitcoin, announced that they are not accepting it as a form of payment any longer due to their concern over the crypto coin’s impact on the environment.

This move caused investors to fear that prominent merchants confidence in the digital currency might be dwindling. Another contributor was China’s crackdown on crypto mining across the country, causing Bitcoin to touch below $30,000, the lowest in the last three months.

Apart from Bitcoin almost all the crypto coins DOGE, ETH, CAKE being among them – saw a massive price cut with 45%,40%, and 38% downfalls respectively. Rates of all the coins were dropping and were in red. The retail traders, investors, and stocks who had their investment in Bitcoin also saw a significant loss in their shares.

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What’s next for BTC?

As for now Bitcoin is testing a major support zone, and from a price action point of view, sellers can still find momentum down. Price is still shaky and is seen bouncing between $30,200 and $40,500 since mid-May.

However, a report from Bloomberg’s Crypto Outlook predicts that the price of Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in 2021. Therefore, further selling might be short-term, but it is hard to predict as the crypto market is highly susceptible.

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How to benefit from this price volatility?

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Bottom line

We will wait anxiously to see how the Bitcoin price plays out for the remainder of 2021. In the meantime, as a novice or experienced trader, you can benefit from the volatility of the crypto trading market. An excellent place to start is to consider Omplix. They are dedicated to making the experience as comfortable as possible by providing innovative tools and expert support to their customers.

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