Brand Finance Global Forum 2020 – The Value of Design to Businesses

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The FINANCIAL — For the first time, in response to the governmental restrictions regarding social distancing to help combat COVID-19, Brand Finance will host the Global Forum online on 10th of December. Featuring a programme of high-profile speakers and engaging topics, we expect to replicate the success of previous Forums, with stimulating discussions and thought-provoking insights. In a series of live webinars, we will unwrap the issues which affect brands as they aim to leverage design for commercial success. ­­

The 17th annual Brand Finance Global Forum, sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services, will focus on Understanding the Value of Design.

Design is one of the primary elements of brand identity. Given that the interpretation of a design depends on an individual’s perceptions of the brand, it is important for brands to make effective use of visual tools to strategically position themselves with stakeholders.

However, design is not solely about aesthetics and brand positioning; it is also key to how a product works and how it can be useful to the customer. In an evolving marketplace and during these particularly challenging times of COVID 19, for a brand to stay consistent, yet at the same time current and competitive, it must remain in touch with the relevance of its design to stakeholders, both in terms of perception and practicality.

The online conference will consist of three one-hour-long webinars on Thursdays in October, November, and December at 2pm, featuring guest speaker presentations and interactive Q&A discussions.

This webinar will focus on The Value of Design to Businesses.

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Design within a business is an important factor for all stakeholders, and provides the foundations for how a strong brand is built. A business model needs to take into full consideration not only the aesthetic and practical design of their product or service, but also its brand image among customers, how the business operates internally, and the reputation it has within the general public.

With increasing competition and the business environment constantly changing, particularly in recent months, organisations can face unprecedented challenges. This webinar will explore how businesses can leverage design successfully to adapt and respond to disruptive market events.

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