Bricorama – First DIY Concept Hypermarket in Georgia

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The building materials hypermarket of the famous French brand Bricorama is the first DIY concept hypermarket in Georgia, offering high quality products and helping customers with their home improvement projects through providing professional advice and expertise, combined with innovative services and strongly competitive prices.

DIY, in other words the ‘Do It Yourself’ concept, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. DIY is explained as behaviours where “individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment”.

Bricorama was the first hypermarket to introduce this concept onto the Georgian market.

Opened in 2016 in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi, France’s largest retailer of home repair and personal design products hypermarket Bricorama brought 42 years of experience to the Georgian market. Bricorama introduced European standards in terms of the quality of products and services.

The company’s priority is to create a comfortable and simplified environment. Therefore, Bricorama shelves are equipped with innovative electronic price signs.

After just three years of development, the brand has turned into one of the biggest companies in the refurbishment industry in Georgia.

Today, Bricorama offers 45,000 sorts of products.

“This means that the customer will always find what he/she needs,” said Mamuka Dolidze, CEO of Bricorama Georgia

Bricorama is specialised in building, construction and repair materials; electrical materials; facing materials; flooring and tiles; paints; lighting; garden furniture and garden care materials, and many other products.

“Customers will see four categories of products at Bricorama hypermarket – for restoring, repair, garden arrangement, and care and decoration. In each category we are constantly offering customers novelties and innovative products. In addition, all our consultants are always ready to provide competitive advice about our products and to help you plan your DIY project,” said Mamuka Dolidze

Mr. Dolidze said that the hypermarket space is planned in a way so as to provide maximum comfort for customers.

“Besides being easy to find what you need at the hypermarket, time spent in Bricorama can also just be a pleasure for customers,” he added.

The company strives to make the home improvement process easy, fast and smart. Bricorama has special offers for individuals – accumulated cards; and for specialists – discount schemes.

“You can choose any budget products at Bricorama hypermarket. If price is a decisive factor for you – there is an economy price range at our hypermarket, where you can buy every needed product at the lowest price,” said Mr. Dolidze

Bricorama is proud to offer “the most reliable and safest” products to customers in Georgia.

“In light of the recent scares over the quantity of lead and other harmful substances in products, we can freely say that Bricorama offers the most reliable and safest choice to customers as over 90 percent of our products are certified by the European Union and meet international safety standards,” said Mamuka Dolidze

Thanks to the utmost success the company achieved last year, Bricorama was recognised with a Golden Brand award this year.

Mr. Dolidze said that taking the leading position within just three years of appearing on the Georgian market was challenging for the company, especially as the competition is so high in the DIY field.

He said that the company welcomes any competition as it helps to develop the sector, increase the volume of the market and also offer a diverse choice to customers.

“Thanks to our aspirations we have gained many satisfied and loyal customers whose numbers are constantly growing. One of the indicators of customers’ trust is that we received a Golden Brand award this year in the category of construction hypermarkets. We are very proud to have won this award,” Mamuka Dolidze said.

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