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Bricorama Wins Golden Brand Award for Favorite Construction Materials Hypermarket in Georgia

Construction materials hypermarket of the famous French brand Bricorama has won the most prestigious and influential business award of Georgia – the Golden Brand award, cementing its position as the No. 1 construction materials hypermarket in the country.

In her interview with Golden Brand, Head of Administration of Bricorama Georgia Keti Lobzhanidze named several activities in 2019 that earned the company the award and recognition.

“2019 was very fruitful for Bricorama. I would point out several campaigns that were the most successful: DIY, in other words, the ‘Do It Yourself’ masterclasses, through which we taught customers how to repair apartments with their own hands; ‘Compare Price and Quality’ campaign, through which customers could choose the right products. As part of the campaign, if consumers found the same product purchased from us cheaper elsewhere, we doubled the difference between the prices on their Bricorama loyalty card.

“I would also like to highlight our social responsibility project. Within the project Bricorama contributed to the construction of the Autism Center”, said Lobzhanidze.

She said that during Bricorama’s four years of existence, the company has earned the affection and loyalty of many customers, the number of which is constantly growing.

“One of the results of this trust is that this yearwe received the Golden Brand award in the category of favorite repair and construction hypermarkets. We are very proud to be the winners of this award. We think more and more consumers will discover everything they need at Bricorama to repair their own homes or yards”, she said.

Bricorama is the first ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) concept hypermarket in Georgia, offering high-quality products and helping customers with their home improvement projects through providing professional advice and expertise, combined with innovative services and strongly competitive prices.

DIY is a method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. DIY is explained as behaviors where “individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment”.

When it opened in 2016 in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi, France’s largest retailer of home repair and personal design products Bricorama brought 42 years of experience to the Georgian market.

Bricorama specializes in sanitary ware and plumbing, garden care and outdoor furniture, flooring and wall coverings, decoration, painting, lighting and electric materials, tools, power tools, household goods and many other products.

After summarizing the year 2019 now please share your impressions of 2020. How has this year started for Bricorama?

We started the year 2020 with active campaigns, but the nationwide quarantine regulations that were announced to avoid the spread of the coronavirus in our country has changed our plans. We had to switch to online sales.

In general, online sales are not well developed in Georgia and are not widespread as it is in other developed countries. Accordingly, we were not fully prepared for online sales. However, the current situation forced us to adapt as quickly as possible and meet the existing requirements.

We managed to switch to online sales structurally and technically in just three days. I am not talking about only online sales. We made it possible to buy the desired products remotely – via social media or the phone.In fact, each of our customers has a personal consultant who helps them choose the product they need in the desired price range.

We hope that the whole country will soon return to its usual rhythm and we will continue to actively receive our customers again, making various offers for them, which we have been doing with great success so far.

Bricorama has special offers and discount schemes for individuals as well as forprofessional artisans. Please tell us more about these offers.

Yes, we have loyalty cards for individuals and for professional artisans.

‘Bonus Cards’, which are for individuals, is a loyalty programme of Bricorama. This card returns 2.5% of the amount paid to the cardholder.

For professional artisans, we have the so-called ‘Craftsman’s Card’, which we introduced this year. Everyartisanwho takes this card, benefits from a permanent 15% discount.

How do you make it easier for customers to choose and buy products at Bricorama?

The company’s priority is to create a comfortable and simplified environment. Therefore, Bricorama shelves are equipped with innovative electronic price tags.
Customers will see four categories of products at Bricorama hypermarket – for restoring, repair, gardening, and care and decoration. In each category, we are constantly offering customers novelties and innovative products. In addition, all our consultants are always ready to provide competent advice about our products and to help you plan your DIY project.

How many products are available at Bricorama and how many new products have you introduced recently?

Currently, Bricorama offers 55,000 different products. Compared to the previous year the number of Bricorama’s products has increased by about 10,000 items.
We can freely say that Bricorama offers the most reliable and safest choice to customers as 100% of our imported products are certified by the European Union and meet international safety standards. On the shelves of Bricorama Georgia stores, you can find the exact equivalent of products presented by the European network of Bricorama.

Each of the products sold at Bricorama stores has undergone all kinds of quality and safety certification, which is quite a rare fact for the Georgian market.


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