The FINANCIAL - Design System - innovative product design platform by Bank of Georgia

Design System - innovative product design platform by Bank of Georgia

Design System - innovative product design platform by Bank of Georgia

Large organizations are constantly having to develop different digital products for their consumers with various needs and yet, while releasing them, they need to ensure that each product replicates the brand’s characteristics. Consumers need to subconsciously perceive the brand’s identity across its digital products, which must be reflected not only in their colours and aesthetics but also in a familiar user experience.

With this task at hand, Bank of Georgia developed Design System, a centralized library of the Bank’s digital components which significantly increases workflow and helps to create a better user experience on released products.

When using different products released by the same brand, a user must intuitively understand how to use them without any extra effort, this means that they should already know what various components do, what their functions are, and how the app works. Design System is the perfect tool to give the brand’s products this unity.

Design System unites a pre-made design, as well as code, communication messages, research findings, UX and brand manuals. Each element is designed with the brand’s concept and styles and is backed up by systematic research-analysis of user behaviour. The platform offers ready-to-use design and code components, as well as guidelines for their implementation in UX and daily workflow. The innovation is an ideal solution to provide effective collaboration among different development teams and create an improved working culture.

Design System is a flexible tool for the development process as it includes both the web and its corresponding mobile components. Each component can be disassembled into smaller parts, which enables one to completely tear down and rebuild an interface from scratch. 

With its basic principles of atomic design, the innovation allows one to make complex changes to it at ease, at minimal cost.

The design system includes:

  • Design principles to help teams make important decisions;
  • Guidelines to maintain brand identity;
  • Design essentials: colours, typography, distances and layers, photos, illustrations, icons, and much more;
  • UX manuals based on a systematic survey of user behaviour;
  • UI patterns such as buttons, form elements, text fields, spreadsheets, lists, navigation;
  • Code and user guides for developers;
  • Library of texts, titles, system messages and rules for their use;
  • Research findings at various stages of product development;
  • User Personas - which segments customers based on similar behaviour, goals and motivations.

The purpose of Design System is to create an effective working environment and maximize, refine and accelerate working processes, which allows the creation of more products in much less time. Design System benefits users as it enables them to have a better experience of digital channels by making products much more appealing and intuitive.

At this stage, the integration of Design System is ongoing on existing platforms as new products are being fully assembled with its use and there are many activities planned with the aim of sharing experience about the effective working process.

Design System is a future-oriented solution that allows for the rapid reflection of changes over time and implementing effective improvements. The refinement of processes in this area will allow the company to focus more on simplifying customer experience, increasing quality, and being oriented on achieving business tasks.

“Bank of Georgia constantly strives to be a leading company in improving processes, services and products, which contributes to improving the work culture. The purpose of introducing Design System is to share experience about the efficient working process for people interested in technology, design, and the digital industry in general. This will enable them to gain real experience in design processes and the creation and development of digital products, as they take an example from a strong financial institution such as Bank of Georgia,” stated Vakhtang Bobokhidze, Deputy General Director of Bank of Georgia, in an interview with The FINANCIAL.

Author: Gela Megeneishvili




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