What’s your View on sustainability?

What’s your View on sustainability?

The FINANCIAL -- Companies are making real progress on sustainability now they realise success is about more than just profit.

Making the leap to a more sustainable way of operating can improve companies’ reputation, as well as their business plans and finances, argues Wholesale Banking’s online magazine The View in its latest edition.

Becoming more sustainable is easier said than done, however. There are still many hurdles to overcome. Is it possible to create a circular economy without revolutionary change? What must companies sacrifice to become more sustainable? And why should they?

Follow the ethical money

A famous movie catchphrase tells us to ‘follow the money’. In business, this trail inevitably leads to investors. Investors are increasingly choosing to invest in companies that are committed to doing sustainable business. And this is leading to a palpable change in attitudes. “All industries are responding to the growing public interest in sustainability,” says Mark Milders, ING’s head of Investor Relations.

Getting community engagement right

Of course, it’s not just investors that are driving change. Ultimately, companies have to engage their local communities in their sustainability strategies. The View gives five ways to get everyone on board and spread the benefits.