The FINANCIAL - 5 of the most underrated apps in the App Store

5 of the most underrated apps in the App Store

5 of the most underrated apps in the App Store

Mobile apps are an important feature in many of our day-to-day lives. We use applications for all kinds of tasks, including navigation, booking travel, gaming, entertainment, seeking information, communication, shopping and food delivery.

On average there are around 250 million downloads made from android and iOS mobile app stores each day, with around 98 percent of these apps being free ones. App usage continues to grow in popularity and it has been predicted that by the year 2024, 184 billion apps will have been downloaded.

In terms of app popularity by category, the most popular type of apps being downloaded are social networking apps, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social media accounts for around 39 percent of all app downloads.

A further 10 percent of app downloads are gaming apps, another 10 percent are communication apps and seven percent are retail related applications.

Apps are becoming an increasingly important tool in our lives, in fact the average consumer now spends longer using apps each day than they do watching television. Over half of people check their mobile apps up to 10 times per day, around one quarter check them up to 20 times per day and incredibly, two percent of people admit to using mobile apps at least 100 times per day!

While most of us have used or at least heard of the most popular apps, including Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube and WhatsApp. There are a wide rane of mobile apps that are quickly increasing in popularity and could soon become the ‘most downloaded’ in our app stores.

Here are five criminally underrated apps which are sure to add an extra level of excitement / organisation to your life

  1. Pocket

  2. 888poker

  3. Homescapes

  4. Line

  5. Nextdoor

  1. Pocket

Once named ‘Read It Later’, the content curation app Pocket is the ideal mobile application for busy people who look to consume online articles and other content at a time that suits them. The app allows users to curate their own space by saving interesting things they find on the web, this might be recipes, new stories, videos or even just useful web pages that they want to look back on at a later date.

A few years ago, the app was acquired by tech company Mozilla and in 2018 Pocket saw an increase in app traffic of around 75 percent. Since then, the app has continued to grow in popularity and has continued to add new features and integrations with apps such as Slack.

  1. 888poker

One of the most downloaded types of apps across all app stores are gaming apps. The mobile gaming industry is worth over $77.2 billion US dollars globally, a figure that continues to rise each year.

Amongst these apps, the most favoured categories for gamers include action, puzzle and simulation games. With online operators such as 888poker now branching out into the mobile app market. Their research suggested that 60% of their users accessed their games via mobile, meaning their app needed a revamp.

Their Made to Play feature makes it easier for players to play on multiple tables at one time, while they have updated the portrait format for tables and lobbies, making the gameplay experience more exciting and seamless.

The 888poker app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and allows players to engage in their favourite cash poker games and poker tournaments in a time and place that suits them. Popular choices like Texas Hold’em, Sit & Go’s and regular scheduled tournaments can be selected from the app menu.

  1. Homescapes

Another gaming app that has become increasingly popular on app stores in recent years is Homescapes, a puzzle game from the developers Playrix's Scapes™, who also developed the well-known game Gardenscapes.

Following the success of Gardenscapes, Playrix released Homescapes in 2017. The game follows the same sort of format and players are tasked with solving match-3 puzzles in order to restore a luxury mansion.

This game is ideal for fans of interior design as you are given the freedom to help Austin decide exactly what the house will look like. Players will unlock secrets along the way and come across unique booster features.

There is also an internal social network within the app where characters can interact with one another.

Homescapes has been a huge success and has achieved global revenues of over $20 million US dollars so far.

  1. Line

Mobile apps are a fast and convenient way of communicating with friends and family, particularly if you are communicating long distance and across different time zones. There are a wide range of communications apps on the mobile market, however one you might not yet have heard of is Line.

Line is a Japanese chatting app that disguises itself from other chat apps by featuring a loveable collection of app mascots and stickers that users can send to one another. These stickers are in a cutesy anime style and are an alternative to emojis.

Since its release in Japan, the app has extended its reach across the rest of Asia and is growing in popularity in the United States and Europe. Between the years 2012 and 2015, revenue grew from $64 million US dollars to $185 million US dollars and continues to rise significantly as it becomes established in the Western app market.

  1. Nextdoor