Iron ore most imported product to the EU

Iron ore most imported product to the EU

The FINANCIAL -- Brazil was the EU's 12th largest partner for imports of goods in 2017 (2 % of total extra-EU imports) and the 17th largest for EU exports of goods.

The EU ran a trade in goods deficit (meaning that it imported more than it exported) with Brazil from 2008 to 2011, which then turned into a trade in goods surplus, amounting to EUR 1 billion in 2017, according to EUstat.

Manufactured goods: main category of products exchanged with Brazil

EU exports to Brazil were dominated by manufactured products ("machinery and vehicles", "chemicals" and "other manufactured goods"), which together accounted for 83 % of EU exports to Brazil in 2017. For imports, there was a different pattern: primary products ("food and drink", "raw materials" and "energy") dominated, together accounting for 67 % of EU imports from Brazil. At a more detailed level, iron ore was the EU's most traded product with Brazil.

The Netherlands and Germany: main traders with Brazil among the Member States

Among the Member States, the Netherlands (EUR 6 billion) was the largest importer of goods from Brazil and Germany the main exporter of goods to Brazil (EUR 8 billion) in 2017. Further information is provided in the Statistics Explained article Brazil-EU - international trade in goods statistics.




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