Internet Enterprise and Capital Market Matchmaking Symposium Holds in Shenzhen

Internet Enterprise and Capital Market Matchmaking Symposium Holds in Shenzhen

The FINANCIAL -- The Internet Enterprise and Capital Market Matchmaking Symposium, hosted by Guosen Securities together with Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations and renowned Internet investors such as Matrix Partners China, China Renaissance Partners, etc., was held on June 13, 2015 in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Approximately 500 entrepreneurs, representatives of intermediaries and venture capital attended the symposium.

Song Liping, President and CEO of SZSE, addressed the symposium and pointed out that the growth characteristics of Internet enterprises have decided their authentic needs of capital market support. The opportunities for Internet enterprises to match with capital markets have becoming more and more mature. SZSE has always been committed to serving the innovative growth enterprises in the past decade. After years of exploration and accumulation, especially the exploration on the ChiNext board in the past five years, a complete service system which is oriented to innovative enterprises has gradually formed, and Home of SMEs, Home of Membership Business Departments, Home of Financial Media and an omnibearing and stereoscopic investor service platform have been established, all of which are providing better conditions for Internet enterprises to join the capital markets. SZSE is trying to improve the market inclusiveness of the ChiNext board and initiate a mechanism for to-be-profitable Internet enterprises to get listed on the ChiNext board; meanwhile, SZSE will improve the quality of information services, build up markets of high quality to retain excellent Internet enterprises and provide them with a rapid growth platform.

Chen Yongmin, Vice General Manager of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, believed that the surge of innovative Internet companies returning to the Chinese capital markets is indicating a new development era. The NEEQ is playing a supporting role in the return of VIE enterprises, according to Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Chen Hongqiao, President of Guosen Securities, said that the combination of Internet and capital will generate great liberation in productivity. In the tide of Internet, intermediary institutions should rediscover the global position of China’s Internet industry and the new mission of capital markets from a new viewpoint, and serve Internet companies with a full-cycle, chain-type, and systemic thinking method and implementation system.

Principals of renowned venture investment institutions, including Ni Zhengdong from Zero2IPO Group, Bao Fan from China Renaissance Partners, Yan Yan from SAIF Partners, Xiong Xiaoge from IDG, Xu Chuansheng from Matrix Partners China, Zhou Kui from Sequoia Capital, and Chen Wei from Oriental Fortune Capital, shared their ideas on value assessment, capital value-added services and return experiences for Internet companies.

Besides, experts from Guosen Securities, King & Wood Mallesons, Ernst & Young, and Jun He Law Offices expatiated on operational details in relation to the VIE and privatization, listing and market making of Internet enterprises.

Attendees said China’s capital market is stepping into an unprecedented era; the emerging industry represented by Internet companies is becoming a new force, a new pillar and new future of the Chinese economy, and will become the most active sector in the capital markets. The symposium not only described the trend of reform and innovation happening in China’s capital markets from the macroscopic angle, but also thoroughly discussed the problems of how to match with the capital markets, especially solving the VIE and privatization problems for Internet companies, further enhancing their confidence to leverage China’s capital markets.


Author: Temur Tatishvili