The FINANCIAL - Strategic Cooperation Agreements Between SZSE and Xinjiang

Strategic Cooperation Agreements Between SZSE and Xinjiang

Strategic Cooperation Agreements Between SZSE and Xinjiang

The FINANCIAL -- Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Urumqi.

This is another significant move for both parties to implement respective party committees’ decisions made at the beginning of the year for deepening the central government’s Xinjiang governance strategies, making full use of the capital market to serve regional development and fully consolidating strategic cooperation.

In addition, this is an achievement SZSE makes in actively aligning with national strategies, serving the real economy development and functioning as a resource allocation platform. This will bring SZSE with new experience in serving the quality development of local economies. Zhang Chunlin, Member of Xinjiang’s Standing Committee, and Wang Jianjun, President and CEO of SZSE, attended relevant events.

SZSE will carry out comprehensive practice of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the central government’s Xinjiang governance strategies to increase support to minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas and intensify measures to serve the new pattern of China Western Development. According to the agreement, SZSE will customize a special capital market service plan for Xinjiang and provide comprehensive package services.

Specifically, the parties will cooperate in multiple aspects such as pre-IPO corporate training, fixed income product development and listed company supervision and employ diverse capital market financing instruments including IPO, re-financing, M&A and restructuring, municipal bonds, corporate bonds and ABS to fully play Xinjiang’s advantages in transportation, energy, water conservation and tourism and underpin the expansion of Xinjiang enterprises. Hence, the quality development of Xinjiang’s regional economy.

Moreover, SZSE will continue to amplify the efforts on targeted poverty alleviation and provide matched services to Makit County to help it shake off poverty as scheduled.