Zurich study identifies key factors which motivate emigration

Zurich study identifies key factors which motivate emigration

The FINANCIAL -- The availability of reliable health insurance is a more significant consideration than schools or pensions when people are deliberating a move oversea. North America is rated as the most appealing destination to start a new life, closely followed by Australia/New Zealand (31% and 29% respectively) as well as Austria, Germany and Switzerland (28%), according to an international survey conducted by GfK on behalf of Zurich Insurance Group.


The most important “safety aspects” to underpin a decision to emigrate are job security (43%), a low crime rate (39%) and political stability (38%). But insurance also plays an important role. For 22% of respondents, reliable insurance coverage for illnesses and disability is crucial. 20% opt for safe pensions, compared with only 14% for schools.

Austrians are more concerned about the availability of insurance than any other safety factor (49%) while Germans are also considerably more concerned than global averages (44%). Australians and Mexicans are far less concerned about insurance (10% each), preferring to focus on low crime rates. Russians are most concerned about natural catastrophes (24%), in contrast to Spanish, Italian and Portuguese respondents at around 5% each, according to Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

The condition of the economy and particularly employment opportunities are at the forefront of motivations when considering emigration. 49% of those surveyed select either better job opportunities or unemployment at home as key factors in their deliberations and this trend is particularly pronounced in Southern Europe, with over 70% of Spanish and Portuguese respondents pre-occupied by (un)employment. Austrians and Germans are most likely to emigrate for love, with 38% and 29% respectively, citing the draw of a partner in a different country compared with only 12% of respondents globally.

In overall terms, over one-third of respondents (38%) are considering emigration or have already emigrated, although almost half of those (15%) feel too anxious to actually make the move. Of those not considering emigration, 17% believe they already live in the best country while a further 17% feel most secure at home, according to Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.