New National Survey of Drivers Reveals Top Travel Fear

New National Survey of Drivers Reveals Top Travel Fear

The FINANCIAL -- We've all been there. You're on the road just a few hours from your destination. The kids are peacefully asleep in the backseat. Soon, you'll be in summer vacation bliss. Then it happens – the car engine sputters and shuts off. You're stranded on the side of the road in an unfamiliar area.

A recent survey commissioned by Allstate Roadside Services found that among drivers who have experienced problems on the road, 47 percent felt overwhelmed and helpless, 62 percent admitted they became anxious, 52 percent got angry, and 36 percent said they were scared. A total of 40 percent said their first instinct was to immediately call a tow truck or roadside assistance service for help, according to ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY.

Allstate Roadside Services is introducing a new digital solution to make it easier for stranded motorists to get the help they need. The Good Hands RescueSM mobile app and website enables drivers to easily request roadside assistance anywhere in America through their smartphones – and you don't have to be an Allstate customer to use it.

"Allstate is leading the way in the digital evolution of the roadside industry," said Pam Dufour, president, Allstate Roadside Services. "Mobile devices are part of most Americans' everyday lives. The Good Hands Rescue mobile app and website leverage technology to connect people with roadside services using their smartphones. We're making it easy for people to do business with us anytime, anywhere and in any way."

Once service is requested, a provider is dispatched and the motorist gets an estimated time of arrival, service cost and the ability to track the provider's en route status. You can find the Good Hands Rescue mobile website at or download the Good Hands Rescue app from Google Play and iTunes.

"Allstate Roadside Services has provided roadside assistance for more than 50 years," continued Dufour. "Innovation is a critical element of our effort to provide a complete customer experience that emphasizes service, connectedness, safety and preparedness. Now, motorists have a new digital way to connect with Allstate for roadside assistance."

Allstate Roadside Services administers roadside assistance through Allstate Motor Club. Each year, Allstate responds to about five million requests for roadside assistance. More than 40 million vehicles are covered through Allstate Roadside Services.