Civil Society to Discuss Implementation Progress One Year after Association Agreements Signed

Civil Society to Discuss Implementation Progress One Year after Association Agreements Signed

The FINANCIAL -- On 23-25 September EaP CSF will gather in Tbilisi, Georgia over 60 representatives of civil society, EaP governments and EU institutions to discuss the progress and share experience on implementing Association Agreements and creating Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

The bilateral agreements between EU and three Eastern Partners (Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) were signed in June 2014 with a long-term perspective of closer political association and economic integration, according to Civil Society.

Successful implementation of the AA/DCFTA in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine has been identified as a key success factor of the Eastern Partnership Initiative. Much of the EaP CSF activities are focusing on different aspects of the implementation action plans.

In terms of methodology, this seminar will offer as much opportunity as possible for participants to compare country situations in terms of structures, strategies and lessons on implementation of AA/DCFTA. The result should strengthen the role of EaP CSF in terms of contributor to the monitoring and policy-making process in the implementation of the agreements. The panel sessions will be followed by targeted parallel sessions (workshops). The workshops will produce recommendations on policy making to be implemented at EU level. The report produced as a result of the event will be used in the EaP CSF advocacy activities towards EU institutions an EaP national governments.

The workshops will focus on the following objectives:

To learn about the key aspects of AA/DCFTA that CSOs should focus on in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
To compare approaches and identify successful strategies where Civil Society can have an impact
To increase engagement with DCFTA implementation and help develop a relevant civil society sector in the field
To strengthen join CSO actions under Eastern Partnership Initiative and AA/DCFTA for better national impact.