Georgia Agro Forum -2015 opens prospects for potential investors

Georgia Agro Forum -2015 opens prospects for potential investors

Georgia Agro Forum -2015 opens prospects for potential investors

The FINANCIAL -- APK-Inform Agency continues holding preparation works for the first agrarian conference in Georgia - Georgia Agro Forum 2015, to be held on November 19 at Expo Georgia (Tbilisi, within frames of the exhibition Agro+Food+Drink+Tech).

The event received the full support from the official authorities of Georgian agriculture – the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, the Georgian Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA), the Georgian Farmers Association, and other organizations, which guarantees wide representation of local producers and processors of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, animal feed producers, livestock sector representatives, suppliers of material and technical equipment, etc.

Also, taking into account rather favorable conditions for investment in the agricultural sector and large-scale state support for the industry, the event will be attended by investment funds of Gerogia, banks, etc.

The reporting event opens up significant prospects for potential investors and representatives of the agricultural business, wishing to carry on business on the territory of Georgia.

According to the survey of doing business, realized by the World Bank Group in 2015, Georgia occupied the 15th position in the rating of world economies by their ease of doing business. The reporting estimation again demonstrates the favorable business environment in the country for opening and functioning of new enterprises.

According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Georgia, Gocha Tsopurashvili, to date many Ukrainians are working in Georgia, and quite successfully, who opened their agribusiness in the country. In addition, other countries became interested in doing agribusiness in Georgia. First of all, favorable conditions in the country for business promote such situation development. The rates of enterprises registration, low taxes, favorable credit terms, absolute absence administrative barriers and corruption, create the most comfortable conditions for investors.