Direct Banking – Innovative Banking for Private Individuals!

Direct Banking – Innovative Banking for Private Individuals!

The FINANCIAL -- ProCredit Bank offers private individuals Direct Banking, a completely different banking experience that provides the full package of banking services through electronic media.

Simple services, a flat fee, permanent access to banking services with Internet Banking and access to multi-functional 24/7 self-service zones are the main advantages that customers can enjoy with Direct Banking.

The idea of creating Direct Banking has emerged as a result of analyzing customers' needs.

In light of the fast pace of life today, customers have less time to visit bank branches and stand in queues for banking services during the Bank’s working hours. In addition, it is important to customers that banking services be sophisticated, continuously available, simple and cheap. With these requirements in mind, ProCredit developed a simple, fast and fully integrated set of services called Direct Banking.

The price for using Direct Banking is much lower than the total price that would be charged for the individual products. By paying one monthly fee, customers can perform almost all bank transactions at no additional charge. In addition to standard banking transactions, exclusive conditions apply to credit and debit services within Direct Banking. The Bank is always ready to consider a short-term or long-term financing plan with customers and offer them the best lending conditions. To help them plan a stable future, the Bank offers its customers various types of deposit accounts, attractive interest rates and favourable terms.

Thanks to the diversity of remote channels and the investments the Bank has made in them, clients can now carry out nearly 99% of banking operations independently, whenever and wherever they like. In addition, the Contact Centre has expanded its range of services, and Contact Centre operators are permanently ready to give support. The Bank’s official website has been updated, with its modern, simple design making it more convenient for customers to use. Customers have continuous access to the banking services they need using Internet Banking.

According to innovative banking - Direct Banking the Bank is not merely a physical place but a space that can operate more efficiently in an online environment with the help of modern technologies.