C-HR – a new statement from Toyota

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Maintaining its competitive edge, Toyota’s C-HR could be the go-to choice in 2019. Justifying the numerous positive reviews it’s received, the Coupé High Rider has been widely recognized as a novelty in automobile design. Having debuted in the 2014 Paris exhibition, its contagious appeal paved the way for industrial production.

The transitional design between the Coupé and Crossover is summarised in a satisfying visual experience. The massive bottom part resembles classic heavy Toyotas, whereas the slick roof design mimics well-known coupés. The genius back door design deceives even the sharpest of eyes as it lies on top of the door, however, the marvelous model definitely provides a full four-seat experience and much more besides.

The extravagance becomes all the more clear when one appreciates that it was diamonds that inspired the Japanese designers to create the model, which with its sharp edges creates a visual experience rivaling the finest of sports cars.

The user-friendly interior design has had much thought put into it, as it provides user-oriented screen switches and indicators, enabling a driver to use all of the above while focusing on the road.

The seats, rivaling those of a sports car, guarantee a very satisfying driving experience. On top of all the practical features, the interior offers LED lights, diamond-shaped forms, and much more.

Toyota Center Tegeta will be offering a special edition model equipped with a hybrid engine. The final touch by only the finest of designers, offers an already extravagant vehicle with a whole new luxurious experience.

The 116 horsepower model, equipped with 1.2-liter fuel tank, will be consuming a whopping 6.6 liters per 100km!

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On top of the staggering economic results, the Toyota C-HR will benefit the crowded city amid its ongoing problem with air pollution.

In a nutshell, Toyota C-HR is definitely worth investing in 2019, due to the cost efficiency as well as the driver-friendly and extravagant experience it provides.

In fact, Toyota strongly believes to be holding one of the most precious models out of all the options available out there. Backed up by a strong promotional push, its HQ values the model so much so, that in the event of purchase, customers get a pre-paid hotel stay for two in the breathtaking Sairme Resort & Spa.

Valuing the environment friendliness all the more together, the Toyota center found another creative method to encourage Georgian consumers to opt for the hybrid transition.

As fuel emission remains a pressing issue, Toyota Center Tegeta implemented the following CSR program striving for a better future.

As a form of gratitude, a ‘green card’ (not to be mistaken for the other, well-known one), will be awarded to those customers who will be purchasing the following hybrids: C-HR; Prius; Rav4; Corolla; and Camry.

And on behalf of the owner, for every 2,000 km driven, an endangered oak tree will be planted in the managed reserve of Ajameti.

On top of that, the card enables customers to purchase various plants as home decorations, which will go toward helping the city be covered in more green.

As it stands right now, paying attention to environmental issues is a must. Every step taken towards cleaner energy is a warrant for a better future.

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