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$27 Million Investment to Expand Toyota’s Long Beach Manufacturing Capabilities

2 mins read

For 50 years, TABC has led the way for Toyota’s manufacturing operations in North America. Today, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced a $27 million investment in the operation to support an increase in its production capabilities.…


Eight Years in a Row: BMW Manufacturing is Largest Automotive Exporter in the United States

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL — BMW Manufacturing led the nation in automotive exports by value for the eighth consecutive year, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce. During 2021, BMW Plant Spartanburg exported 257,876 BMWs with a total export value of more than $10.1 billion. The BMWs produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina, were exported…

See a Glimpse of the Future in the Lexus BEV Sport

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Lexus has released a gallery of new pictures and animations of its possible next-generation BEV Sport, Sedan and SUV concepts. The models were first revealed on December 14, 2021, in the corporate battery electric vehicle (BEV) announcement made by Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation President and Lexus Brand Holder.…

Road To Court 4 Elements Of A Car Accident Claim

Road To Court: 4 Elements Of A Car Accident Claim

13 mins read

When two or more cars are involved in an accident, authorities are often tasked to determine who is at fault. Police investigators and insurance providers gather evidence to prove negligence to determine liability or who must pay for damages in a car accident.     …

Your Guide on Selling a Totaled Car and Getting the Best Deal

6 mins read

Long Beach is the seventh populous city in California. With most residents working in the high-income group, car ownership is higher in the area.…

Half of all drinkers risk exceeding legal driving limit by underestimating how drunk they are

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL  — As many as a half of all drinkers underestimated how drunk they were, judging themselves still safe to drive despite having exceeded the legal driving limit, in new research published by University of Cambridge.…

Most Expensive Luxury cars to Insure

5 mins read

If you are curious about which luxury car will cost you the most to insure, the list below will give you the top five models that will cost you the most. It may be helpful for you to know what type of vehicle is considered to be a luxury variety. Wikipedia describes a luxury car…

Tips to Buying New Electrical Engine Trucks with Latest Technology

5 mins read

For commercial truck operators, the introduction of new technology in trucks could mean big savings for the company. It means that new models of trucks can provide more fuel economy. This means lower operating costs and increased profits for the trucking company. But is the new technology in trucks something that can only be used…

Over £200 million grant to Rolls-Royce small nuclear reactors

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — The funding is to accelerate the design of small modular reactors (SMR) to make the UK a world leader in advanced nuclear technology, according to UKRI.…

Safe, secure and autonomous vehicle projects get funding boost

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Self-driving vehicles in the UK are receiving a boost with the announcement that four trailblazing projects have received a total of £2.3 million from government.…

The new MANUFAKTUR label – exclusive equipment for individual customer wishes

8 mins read

The FINANCIAL —  The Mercedes-Benz brand represents luxury and fascination unlike any other. The design, styling and different equipment lines help to express the personal lifestyles of various customers. With the new “MANUFAKTUR” label, Mercedes-Benz is taking another step forward to cater to customers’ growing desire for more individuality, by enhancing the existing product portfolio…


Largest MINI Cooper SE fleet in Europe: One in four Deloitte employees in Belgium chooses a MINI Electric

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Deloitte orders 140 MINI Electric to meet growing demand for electric cars: MINI Electric largest order in Europe so far. More and more young people are opting for an electric company car: at Deloitte alone, 26% of employees do. To meet this growing demand, Deloitte has ordered 140 electric MINIs. According to BMW, this…


DHL Delivers Eight Original James Bond Vehicles for Exhibition from the Uk to the USA

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL  — DHL have transported eight original film vehicles from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, USA. The vehicles will be the main attraction of an exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum. DHL’s logistics experts have provided transport and logistics solutions for the production of James Bond films since Casino…

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR: operating the user interface with the power of thought

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL — A new dimension of future human-vehicle interaction: Mercedes-Benz gives an outlook on possible applications of brain-computer interface technology in the car at the IAA MOBILITY.Selecting the navigation destination by thought control, switching the ambient light in the interior or changing the radio station: Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) enable  this new form of machine…

How air travel could look in 2030

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL —  Flying taxis, drone deliveries and short haul plane journeys powered by hydrogen or batteries sounds far-fetched. But they’re not as far away as you might think.…

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