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Donut Stop sells American style donuts in Tbilisi

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Many readers might remember dear Frank Grienke, successful self-made American businessman and philanthropist who has had a long love affair with Georgia. In the late 90's Frank, who always had a nose for business wondered "why are there not any donuts for sale in Georgia". The rest is history. In 2000,…

The most attractive country for investment-making

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Imposing a visa regime on Georgia initially had a very negative effect on the welfare of many Georgian citizens, this was the time when Georgian and Russian interests demarcated. Even the feeling of kinship, such a natural thing for Georgians having been raised in a Russian cultural and political environment started…

The 2nd International Author’s Film Festival

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- A handsome man with a smiling face enters the hotel hall, greets me with a bow of the head and we take our seats in armchairs. He is Krzystof Zanussi, one of the most famous film directors of the world cinema elite. He doesn’t create entertainment movies, he makes films on the…

Georgia soon to join European Internet network

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- A leading internet provider Caucasus Online is launching a century project for the development of the Georgian internet network. The project is to be finished in 2008. It will enable Georgia to join the European internet. More importantly, Georgia will have the cheapest, fastest and best quality internet …

Energo Pro To Invest $417 Million In The Economy Of Georgia

1 min read

During 5 years, the amount of investments of the Czech Company Energo Pro in the economy of Georgia will total $417 million. Irji Krushina, chairman of Supervisory Council at the Company Energo Pro Georgia, declared about it at the press conference on 14 September. Energo Pro Georgia owns assets of 8 energy objects in…

News on the Movie Business in Tbilisi

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Amirani Movie Theatre in Tbilisi plans to become a multiplex from 2008, while Rustaveli Movie Theatre, competing with Amirani, plans to launch movies dubbed in the Georgian language. According to Natia Meparishvili, PR & Advertising Manager of Amirani Movie Theatre, these two theatres have the same management, but they are still…

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