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Clothes make the man: the relationship between China and Africa on the basis of fashion

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Media scholar Tommy Tse is one of the three UvA researchers that has received a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. With the grant of two million euros, he is going to conduct ambitious research into something that everyone in society has to deal with every day: clothing. He will be…

How to design safe and sustainable chemicals

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — With many human-made chemicals, problems regarding public health and the environment become apparent only years after their widespread use. A team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University now propose a way to change that. In an article in the journal ‘Chemosphere’ they present a method for (re)designing safe…

People imitate accent features they expect to hear, even without hearing them

6 mins read

Certain accents in the United States are unmistakable: the twang of someone from the South, the dropped “r” by a Bostonian. Without realizing it, people often copy this kind of accent when talking with someone who uses it, a concept in linguistics known as convergence.…


Negative impact of social media affects girls and boys at different ages

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Girls may experience a negative link at 11-13, boys when they are 14-15, Increased social media use might also affect life satisfaction at aged 19, but Adolescents with lower life satisfaction consistently use social media more, according to University of Oxford.…

Forest, photo by pexels/

Hennessy rolls out Forest Destination forest regeneration program

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Hennessy announced the launch of its Forest Destination regeneration program on March 21 to coincide with the International Day of Forests celebrated by the United Nations. Initiated in 2020, the program aims to regenerate 50,000 hectares of forest by 2030.…

Why Congress is Moving forward from turning the clocks forward

11 mins read

Feeling a little out of it this week? It’s no surprise. You can thank our annual tradition of turning the clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time. Losing an hour of sleep once a year may seem worth it once you get around to the extra hour of sunlight in the evening (or not worth…

Hostility among friends can come from surprising places

4 mins read

Same-race friendships on college campuses can be sources of support and help build a sense of belonging. However, sociologists Sherelle Ferguson, and Annette Lareau, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Professor in the Social Sciences, have found that class differences can create tensions within these relationships.…

Six tips to help explain the realities of war to children

2 mins read

It’s a daunting task, but not impossible, says Penn GSE’s Marsha Richardson. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the lead story on every news outlet, parents and educators are now placed in the position of having to explain the enormously complex emotions and realities of war to children who have already had a deeply traumatic couple of…


US Stand Your Ground laws are associated with 700 additional homicides every year

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Stand Your Ground laws in the United States have expanded legal protections for individuals who use deadly violence in self-defence. But a new study estimates they result in an additional 700 homicides each year – an increase in monthly homicide rates of 11% nationally, but up to 28% in some states, University…

Not in the mood? Researchers examine how couples communicate when desire is low

7 mins read

A PhD researcher at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Horne studies how couples resolve conflicts of interest through sacrifice – when one person gives up their own self-interest or desires for a partner – and what effect this has on the relationship. Her ongoing work is a longitudinal study of the sacrifices couples make when…

FILE PHOTO: People, some wearing protective face masks, walk over Westminster Bridge, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in London, Britain, July 4, 2021. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/File Photo

We need to define the rules of a post-pandemic world

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Clear messaging is key to any campaign, especially if you want people to behave in a certain way. Graphic images of damaged lungs have been put on packets of cigarettes, and you rarely see a role model lighting up. The message is clear: smoking is extremely bad for you. By Professor Melinda Mills,…

Is 80 the new 60?

13 mins read

New demographic shift driven by increases in life expectancy, ‘health spa. At 81, Orlando Patterson, John Cowles Professor of Sociology, is as busy as ever. The Jamaica-born scholar of slavery and issues of race delivered a 340-page report on education reform in the island nation to Prime Minister Andrew Holness a month ago, as he geared…


How well do people drive after smoking cannabis?

6 mins read

The steady rise in the use of cannabis — 18 states have legalized recreational use, 13 have decriminalized its use and 36 have medical cannabis laws — has provoked myriad questions and concerns about public health implications, including how cannabis may affect the abilities, real and perceived, of drivers under the influence.…

5 ways to learn new things in the new year

4 mins read

Expert suggests adults start with what they know. The start of the new year can feel like the perfect opportunity to follow through with that resolution to learn a new skill or finally tackle a challenge. But sometimes it feels like the older you are, the harder it can be to change habits, add a new…

How Did Lockdown Affect People’s Sex Lives in Britain?

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Lockdown affected people’s sex lives in a variety of different ways with young people and those not living with a partner reporting the greatest changes, according to researchers from UCL, the University of Glasgow and the National Centre for Social Research.…