Meeting the Coronavirus Challenge

How do Georgians feel about their government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic?  In short, do they approve?  From 14-19 May Georgian Opinion Research Business International (GORBI) asked 1,090 residents across the country “do you think the reaction of Georgia’s government to the

Pope Francis – the most accepted leader in the World

The FINANCIAL — The Gallup International End of Year Survey (EoY) is an annual tradition initiated under the chairmanship of Dr. George Gallup in 1977. It has been conducted every year since then. This year it was conducted in 50 countries around

Will Stalin always stay in our minds? 

Georgia is famous for several things, unique folklore and dance, ancient winemaking, and the centuries-old institution of the Tamada  or toastmaster. This country is the birthplace of the first Europeans as well as Zaza Pachulia, the two-time NBA champion. However, for many

Leisure time is less of a priority for Georgians

Some of our most important priorities are in the personal parts of our lives. They're usually reflected in activities, events or relationships that we want to put sincere effort and time into. Setting up priorities correctly is often cited as the key

Healthcare system- better or worse?

Better health is pivotal to human happiness and well-being. A good healthcare system also contributes to economic progress, since healthy populations live longer and are happier. Proper healthcare is a part of life that many consider to be a basic right.However, not

Do Georgians think that incomes should be equal?

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a famous phrase from Karl Marx which one would hear in the Soviet Union very often. The phrase implies that anyone can contribute in any amount they can and