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Promoting SANDA: Jamming with the Goddess of the Rising Sun

4 mins read

Despite the fact that I was born with two left feet and sing off-key, I have always loved music and admire (and begrudge) gifted dancers and musicians. And whenever I see young, pretty girls dancing to the beat of brilliant music makers I am crushed with envy and longing for that talent for which…

Dynamics of the New Creative Economy: Hanging Out in Tbilisi’s Hangar Bar and Grill

4 mins read

  Dr. Peter Chiaramonte   During Soviet times—thanks to its reputation as both the playground and vineyard of the union—Soviet citizens flocked to Georgia on vacation to take in the sights and to taste our famously full-bodied food and drink. Tbilisi today is alive with both a sense of its historic hospitality and a feeling…

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