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One in two hospitalised COVID-19 patients develop a complication

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — A study of more than 70,000 people in 302 UK hospitals finds that one in two people hospitalised with COVID-19 developed at least one complication, UKRI notes.…

Infrastructure Investments to Boost UK Research and Innovation

18 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- UKRI is investing £50 million into a portfolio of over a dozen infrastructure projects and scoping studies to underpin the UK’s position as a research superpower. The UKRI infrastructure fund represents the first portfolio of investments to come from UKRI’s Infrastructure Roadmap programme to boost the UK’s research and innovation capabilities. It marks…

Coronavirus “Delta” variant (B.1.617.2) have increased in England

11 mins read

The percentage of people testing positive continued to increase in England in the week ending 5 June 2021. Trends are uncertain in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the latest week.…

An estimated 1.4 million people in UK aged 16 years and over identified as lesbian, LGB in 2019

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The proportion of the UK population aged 16 years and over identifying as heterosexual or straight decreased from 94.6% in 2018 to 93.7% in 2019.…

New Funding to Reduce Plastic Packaging’s Environmental Impact

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- £7 million of funding available for business-led research and development projects. UK Research and Innovation’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) challenge has announced the opening of a new £7 million competition, according to UKRI.…

Don’t get caught out by the weather this summer

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Research undertaken by the Met Office in recent years shows that two thirds of people have been unprepared for severe weather conditions, despite regularly checking the forecast.…

Working from home: comparing the data

11 mins read

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic early last year has had huge impacts on many aspects of our everyday lives, and so the Office for National Statistics has needed to produce new and faster figures to track them. One aspect is the increase in those working from home, on which we have today published new…

Ombudsman criticises council’s Covid-19 grant allocation scheme

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has criticised the way a north Yorkshire district council administered a discretionary grant scheme which was designed to help businesses impacted by COVID-19.…

Older people who become unemployed are more likely to be at risk of long-term unemployment than younger people

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL, U.K. -- While the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been greatest for younger workers, older workers aged 50 years and over have been affected to a greater extent than those in the middle age groups.…

Gambling engagement since the COVID Lockdown in U.K.

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The impact of the latest lockdown has been felt by consumers, with significant increases in the proportions of GB adults reporting having more spare time, feeling more bored and feeling more stressed in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the last quarter of 2020.…

April’s lowest average minimum temperatures since 1922

6 mins read

April 2021 had the lowest average minimum temperatures for April in the UK since 1922, as air frost and clear conditions combined for a frost-laden, chilly month, despite long hours of sunshine.…

Evidence of new physics in highly-anticipated g-2 results

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- A much-anticipated result from an international science experiment provides strong evidence for the existence of an undiscovered subatomic particle or new force. The result was announced today, from the Muon g-2 experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. It provides tantalising evidence that the elementary particles called muons are not behaving in the…

Net zero at land and at sea – Innovate UK teams up with DfT

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Innovate UK is supporting two new Department for Transport (DfT)-funded competitions for net zero carbon emission projects at sea and on land. The £20 million clean maritime demonstration competition (GOV.UK website) could result in hydrogen-powered vessels and zero emission shore-side power becoming a common sight on our seas and in our coastal towns,…

Young people worried about catching up on their studies after lockdown, survey suggests

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- More than a quarter of secondary-age pupils in Wales were spending three days or less on school tasks during the first lockdown, research has shown.…

Social media companies urged to tackle misinformation with accuracy prompts

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Reminding social media users about accuracy could reduce the sharing of misinformation online, a new study finds.…

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