Is Delta Unstoppable?

Steep declines in delta variant outbreaks in India and, more recently, the U.K., are likely not due to the nations reaching “herd immunity” or viral behavior, but rather because of shifts in human behavior prompted by mounting cases and deaths, Harvard experts…

12 mins read

The Parent Trap

It’s no secret women are grossly underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in higher education. The numbers tell the story: Women made up just 24% of senior, full-time faculty (associate and full professors) in the natural sciences, and only 15% of…

8 mins read

Americans Say E-Cigs Should Be Regulated Like Tobacco Cigs

The FINANCIAL -- Most U.S. adults favor some type of regulation for e-cigarettes. A majority, 60%, say e-cigarettes should be regulated as much as tobacco cigarettes. An additional 19% say e-cigarettes should be regulated, but not as much as regular cigarettes. Seventeen…

5 mins read
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