Shilda Winery by Smart Capital Group

The FINANCIAL – introducing Shilda Winery, a project developed and managed by Smart Capital Group.  “Georgia, famous for its hospitality and unbroken history of winemaking, is considered to be a cradle of wine. Shilda is a small village in Kakheti, Georgia’s largest winemaking

Past and Future of The Mardaleishvili Medical Center

 Konstantin Mardaleishvili talks about the amazing story of Mardaleishvili Medical Center გაიგეთ მარდალეიშვილის კლინიკის უნიკალური შესაძლებლობების შესახებ The FINANCIAL Video. Contact: (995 32) 2 252 275

Killing Anaklia Project

In early 2020 the Georgian Government canceled the multibillion-dollar Anaklia Port Project. Anaklia Development Consortium — the project’s developers — have accused the Government of trying to deliberately sabotage the project because the government fears pressure from Russia, did not want western

The Most Sustainable Companies in Georgia During COVID-19

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, companieshave been forced to meet significant challenges never seen previously. From slick financial management to monitoring employee interactions, this has arguably become the test of the decade for companies. Georgia’s RMG (Rich Metal Group) have been among

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