Giant Comet Found in Outer Solar System

The FINANCIAL -- The discovery of the comet estimated to 100-200 kilometers across was made by Penn researchers following a comprehensive search of data from the Dark Energy Survey. Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is the most distant comet ever discovered and possibly the largest

New Source of Gravitational Waves Discovered

The FINANCIAL -- For the first time, scientists have picked up the ripples in space-time caused by the death spiral of two celestial juggernauts, a neutron star and black hole, UKRI notes. Scientists picked up the reverberations from these two objects using a

Nature-Based Solutions Highly Effective in Long Term

The FINANCIAL -- Nature-based solutions (NbS) can contribute to the fight against climate change up to the end of our century, according to new Oxford research in the leading scientific journal Nature. The analysis suggests that, to limit global temperature rise, we must

The Ocean Cleanup and The Coca-Cola Company Announce New Partnership

The FINANCIAL -- The Coca-Cola Company and The Ocean Cleanup announced that Coca-Cola will become a Global Implementation Partner for The Ocean Cleanup’s river project. The unique partnership brings the international company and technological non-profit together behind a clear objective: to stem

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