What hinders the development of sports in Georgia?

The FINANCIAL -- When asked what hinders the development of sports in Georgia, most of the respondents told The FINANCIAL that insufficient funding is a major obstacle for sports development. The main motivation to go abroad is not only the financial situation

How the U.S. Should Respond to the Trouble in Georgia

Long seen as an island of parliamentary democracy amidst a sea of authoritarianism, Georgia now stands on the verge of becoming an unstable, one-party regime. Georgians of all political stripes need to resolve their current crisis or risk losing Western support for

Nielsen Rolls Out ID Resolution System For Global Attribution Measurement

The FINANCIAL -- Nielsen (NLSN) announced a new approach that moves away from third-party cookies to privacy-centric, people-based identifiers for Attribution. This new technique ensures advertisers and publishers are able to understand the entire consumer journey across platforms, better optimize their spend

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