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U.S. Experts Train Georgian and Armenian Researchers How to Protect Academic Data

1 min read

CRDF Global and American Culture Center are hosting an in-person, 3-day workshop on cyber theft in academia in Tbilisi, Georgia with the objective of enhancing the capacity of academic institutions in Georgia and Armenia to defend against and respond to cyber threats posted by criminal entities seeking to acquire proliferation-sensitive research and design-data through unauthorized access…


US Stand Your Ground laws are associated with 700 additional homicides every year

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Stand Your Ground laws in the United States have expanded legal protections for individuals who use deadly violence in self-defence. But a new study estimates they result in an additional 700 homicides each year – an increase in monthly homicide rates of 11% nationally, but up to 28% in some states, University…

Photo credits: American Culture Center

Russia has clearly demonstrated its lack of respect for Georgia and other countries’ sovereignty, Ambassador Degnan

12 mins read

This year, we in the United States Embassy in Tbilisi are celebrating 30 years of our diplomatic relations, partnership, and friendship with Georgia.  We have ambitious plans to celebrate the full range of our partnership throughout the year.  Today, I’d like to look back to the start of our relationship and reflect on why the…

FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan Will Support Women’s Employment

6 mins read

There are now 3.7 million fewer women working than there were in February 2020, in large part because of the pandemic, eroding more than 30 years of progress in women’s labor force participation. Even more women have reduced their hours. Many others have managed precarious job conditions and additional caregiving responsibilities, threatening economic security for…

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Pause

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The use of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen (J&J/Janssen) COVID-19 Vaccine is paused for now. This is because the safety systems that make sure vaccines are safe received a small number of reports of people who got this vaccine experiencing a rare and severe type of blood clot with low platelets.…

Joint Statement by President Joe Biden and Taoiseach Micheál Martin

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- On March 17, President Joe Biden hosted Taoiseach Micheál Martin for a virtual bilateral meeting. The leaders reaffirmed the deep, historic partnership and extraordinary people-to-people ties between the United States and Ireland, and they committed to working together to address areas of shared interest according to The White House.…

Fact Sheet: The U.S. Response to Ebola Outbreaks in West and East Africa

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- The White House, On February 7, 2021, the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) announced a confirmed case of Ebola in North Kivu Province. Separately, on February 14, 2021, the MOH in the Republic of Guinea (Guinea) confirmed an Ebola case in N’Zérékoré Prefecture. Upon confirmation…

Women Shine in 20 Cinematic Hits Featured This Month in Flight

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- Celebrating Women’s History Month continues in the skies with free inflight entertainment on American Airlines. Now playing on board American’s flights are 20 beloved female-driven movie hits such as Hidden Figures, Little Women and Mulan according to American Airlines.…

Remarks by President Biden on the American Rescue Plan

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, folks. For a few weeks now, an overwhelming percentage of the American public has made it clear that they support my American Rescue Plan. And the House of Representatives took the first step toward making it a reality. And I want to thank — and I called her…

Fact Sheet: Securing America’s Critical Supply Chains

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- According to The White House, Today President Biden will sign an Executive Order to help create more resilient and secure supply chains for critical and essential goods. In recent years, American households, workers, and companies have increasingly felt the strain of shortages of essential products—from medicine to food to computer chips. Last…

New Single-Payer Bill Intensifies Newsom’s Political Peril

5 mins read

SACRAMENTO — A group of Democratic state lawmakers introduced legislation Friday to create a single-payer health care system to cover all Californians, immediately defining the biggest health policy debate of the year and putting enormous political pressure on Gov. Gavin Newsom.…

Remarks by President Biden at Pfizer Manufacturing Site

16 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- THE PRESIDENT:  Albert, thank you very much.  Thank you not only for what you do for the — the credit you give me that I really don’t deserve.  This is — this is a case of life and death.  We’re talking about people’s lives. I want you to know that once we…

Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Announces Extension of COVID-19 Forbearance and Foreclosure Protections for Homeowners

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- As millions of Americans face continued hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden is continuing to take action to help keep individuals and families in their homes. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a housing affordability crisis. Today, 1 in 5 renters is behind on rent and just over 10 million homeowners are…

Statement by President Joe Biden on the 2021 Special Health Insurance Enrollment Period Through

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- Health care is a right, not a privilege. No one should have to lay awake at night staring at the ceiling wondering what they are going to do to get the care they need or to pay the bills if a family member gets sick. That is why I will do everything…

The Biden Administration: Facing Challenges Galore at Home and Abroad

12 mins read

January 20, 2021 marked a new chapter in America. The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States brought a sense of relief among a wide swath of the American population. In his inaugural address that day, Biden stressed the theme of unity, arguing that together, the United States can confront…

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