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Paul Ryan Maintains Positive Image Among Republicans

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- House Speaker Paul Ryan enjoys modestly higher favorable ratings among both Republicans (71%) and national adults (44%) than Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, who will speak this week at the Republican National Convention. Americans also view Ryan more favorably than they do presidential nominee Donald Trump. Of six key Republican leaders asked…

What America Thinks: Does Media Fuel Mass Murders?

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- Is the media feeding the fire that leads to mass shootings, terrorism and police violence? Many feel the media glorifies the villains of these stories by focusing on their personal lives and backgrounds, inspiring others to commit similar acts for the recognition and infamy. We decided to find out what America thinks.…

60% Say Race Relations Have Gotten Worse Since Obama’s Election

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- As the nation reels from angry protests and deadly violence against police officers, voters are more pessimistic than ever about the state of race relations in this country since the election of its first black president.…

Election 2016: Campaigns as a Direct Source of News

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Sixteen years after Pew Research Center’s first study of digital communication in a presidential campaign, social media is central to candidates’ outreach to the public, changing the role and nature of the campaign website. While the candidate website still serves as a hub for information and organization, it has become leaner and…

Voters Have Muted Reaction to Pence, Hardly Know Him

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Thirty-seven percent of U.S. voters rate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence an "excellent" or "pretty good" choice as Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate. Slightly more, 45%, rate him "only fair" or "poor." This is a replay of voters' reactions to Mitt Romney's choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate…

Voters Question Ryan’s Motives For Blocking Clinton From Top Secrets

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- Voters tend to think House Speaker Paul Ryan is just making a political move with his call to block presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from receiving intelligence briefings following the FBI's conclusion that she was “extremely careless” with classified information during her time as secretary of State. But voters trust her…

Supreme Court decision may shield up to 4 million immigrants from deportation

1 min read

WASHINGTON — The raging political fight over immigration comes to the Supreme Court on Monday in a dispute that could affect millions of people who are in the United States illegally. The court is weighing the fate of Obama administration programs that could shield roughly 4 million people from deportation and grant them the legal right…

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