Celsius in Urban Development – Live Comfortably with Environmentally Friendly Heating and Cooling Systems Offered by Celsius

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“Our main goal is customer comfort in any weather, so we strive to create comfort for all customers who are in Georgia and who need heating and cooling.”

Heating-Cooling and Ventilation Systems Company Celsius is known in the market for being the exclusive provider of the well-known brand ‘Ariston’ to Georgian consumers.

Celsius is a new company that offers customers heating and cooling systems, products by Ariston and other leading brands. In addition, online sales and official warranty services are available. One of the core values ​​of the company is social responsibility, such as environmental protection, gender equality, supporting innovation and promoting education.

Celsius is a new company that has been able to establish itself in the Georgian market in a short period of time, managing its business efficiently and in good faith. Its goal is to create quality and service in order to gain a lot of satisfied customers.

In an interview with The FINANCIAL, Sopho Akhalaia, Head of Marketing at Celsius, talked about the company’s role in the Georgina market, underlined their main vision and the future plans of Celsius in terms of the country’s economy and its urban development.

Q. Tell us about Celsius. At what angle does it operate in the market?

A. Celsius entered the market at the end of 2020. We are the official representatives of the Italian brand Ariston in Georgia. Our company is represented in different regions of Georgia and we plan to add several more branches throughout the country.

It is very important for the company to take care of the environment. That is why we are collaborating with the Italian brand Ariston, which constantly takes into account environmental factor during the production of its products.

Q. What contribution does Celsius make to urban development?

A. For Celsius, environmental care is one of the most important topics on the agenda. Along with Celsius, Ariston always tries to decrease its impact on the environment and take care of ecological issues. Energy efficiency is one of our main priorities. Within the framework we try to reduce any environmental impact in Tbilisi and throughout the country. Our level of care is constant and consistent. We cooperate with many companies and take part in various activities in order to increase our role in the country’s urban development and environmental care.

Q. What services does Celsius offer to customers?

A. The main goal of the heating-cooling company Celsius is customer satisfaction. We offer various services to our customers, both in terms of purchasing products and high quality services. All this means offering them both Italian and other European brands that are unrivalled in the market and constantly strive to take care of the environment as well as offer high quality products to customers. Consequently, our main goal is not just to sell products. Behind all this there are many important issues that are more of a priority for us. Our customer relationship does not end at just purchasing products. Once a customer purchases a product, we are in constant communication with them. We offer them a five-year warranty, which follows the customer to the end, and this has a very positive effect on their satisfaction level.

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Q. What sets Celsius apart from other competitor companies?

A. Although Celsius is a new company in the market, it is a team of highly professional employees that sets it apart from other competing companies. All this increases the credibility of both the customer and the Ariston brand and gives us the opportunity to operate successfully in the market. The trust that this world-famous Italian brand places in us indicates the high quality and professionalism of our company. Customers are also very positive about us, which also has a positive effect on the company’s progress. I would like to mention that we have been in the market for just one and a half years and we have already gained a large share of the market. It means that our company has big potential and huge plans for future success.

Q. What activities can you name as examples of how you support urban development in Georgia?

A. Our products are environmentally healthy. As I mentioned, our staff, whose number has already grown to 100, is constantly involving through various activities. We cooperate with various companies, we try to gather, plan environmental activities, join cleaning actions and contribute to the protection and care of nature and ecology in Tbilisi and Georgia. We try our best to be an ecologically clean company and to create comfort in Tbilisi.

Q. How does Celsius measure customer or employee satisfaction?

A. Our customer satisfaction is measured by various parameters, including the number of incoming calls, incoming messages, which is constantly growing and also has a positive impact on the company. We also constantly conduct market research that determines customer satisfaction and feedback and always take into account customers’ opinions when deciding further steps.

Q. Which successfully implemented projects would you single out from 2019-2022 which have contributed to the urban development of Tbilisi?

A. Since the end of 2020, when almost all companies were closing down or downsizing, we have grown, having first entered the market and then going on to employ many people in all parts of Georgia. We are currently represented in Batumi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Telavi and Tbilisi. We have many locations where people are also actively employed and involved in the company’s development and advancement. We are constantly in touch with and collaborating with artisans and other big companies. All major networks and distributors are our partners with whom we actively cooperate. This motivates us even more and creates a positive mood for us to be more active and offer the desired products to our customers. Cooperation with different companies has brought us a lot of progress, and many positive projects have been implemented as a result. Several active measures are being taken at this stage as well, which will also have a positive impact on the economic and environmental progress of the company and the city.

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Q. What role does business, especially Celsius, have in the future of the city’s urban development?

A. Our main goal is to do things with high quality and in a way that does not harm the environment. At this stage, we do not have foreign investors as partners, we are a Georgian company and we try to employ as many Georgians as possible, to create more jobs, which will definitely be reflected in the quality and high service. We hope that our business will develop, expand further and we will have such high quality services that will make the brand competitive both in Georgia and in Europe.

Q. What is your main goal for the current year in terms of business development which will positively affect urban development?

A. In 2022, the goal of our company is to expand more, create more jobs and employ citizens, because we in Georgia really need professional staff and to create new jobs for them. In addition, we strive to promote the career advancement of staff and professional development in the field of heating and cooling. The main concern of the company is both its employees and customer satisfaction. One of the main priorities for us is to make the customer satisfied and we do everything to achieve that. We plan to expand, open more branches in different regions of Georgia and be the first in our category. Our main goal is providing customer comfort in any weather, so we strive to create comfort for all customers who are in Georgia and who need heating or cooling products and services.

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