China Will Overtake US to Become Biggest Retail Deposit Market Globally in 2021

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The FINANCIAL — China is set to overtake the US to emerge as the biggest retail deposit market globally in 2021, according to one of the leading data and analytics companies GlobalData.

The company’s Global Retail Banking Analytics tool, which has recently published an update on consumer deposit markets globally, reveals that Asian markets have and are expected to perform strongly between 2010 and 2021, while Europe and to a lesser extent, North America, have stagnated.

Macroeconomic growth has led to rising wages and living standards across Asia, increasing the ability of consumers to save.

GlobalData’s Retail Banking Analyst Sean Harrison, says: “Following the 2008/09 financial crisis banks retreated from international markets. Ten years later, continued strong growth across Asia is leading many regional and aspiring international banks to reconsider their strategies.”

Asia-Pacific, which surpassed Europe to become the largest regional market for retail deposits in 2011, is forecast to value at $19.7 trillion in 2021, well ahead of North America ($14.1 trillion) and Europe ($12.4 trillion).

India is expected to be the biggest mover, up from 13th in 2010, to become the seventh largest retail deposit market in the world in 2021. At the same time, Australia is forecast to replace Spain as the 10th biggest globally.



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