City Cleaning – Leading Cleaning Company in Georgia

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Professional cleaning company City Cleaning is planning to offer cleaning services to several residential complexes in different regions of Georgia.

In order to improve its array of cleaning services, the company plans to equip its staff with ultramodern technologies.

City Cleaning is a dynamically growing company. Throughout its existence in the market, the company has managed to present itself as a reliable, trustworthy and promising partner.

City Cleaning offers post-construction and renovation cleaning as well as cleaning apartments, cottages, offices and industrial facilities.

“Our company has been operating on the Georgian market for eight years already. Of course we have overcome many challenges and beat the competition. Eight years ago just seven people managed to cope with all the challenges and to create a team of professionals called City Cleaning”, said Director Levan Nioradze.

“Today our company has more than 100 employees, most of whom are people with disabilities. That is why high social responsibility is the visiting card of our company”, he added.

Nioradze said that today, professional cleaning is a growing and in-demand business and that is why City Cleaning has introduced globally recognized cleaning technologies and methods to the Georgian market.

The main principles of the company are: an individual approach to each customer, flexible schedule, customer-tailored service and needs and the work of a personal manager with any client to ensure quality work.

Today City Cleaning has three branches, with its headquarters on Vazha Pshavela Avenue, and two branches in Dighomi and Saburtalo districts in the capital city of Tbilisi.

Thanks to the success the brand achieved in 2019, City Cleaning has become the favourite brand of its industry. Over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers named City Cleaning the No. 1 brand in Georgia in its specific segment.

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As the company received the Golden Brand for the achievements of 2019, could you please tell us some of the most important developments of City Cleaning?

We can say that 2019 was one of the best years for the company. And this is proved by the award of the Golden Brand.

We think that the reason why the Golden Brand experts and surveyed customers named City Cleaning as their favourite company is the years of experience of our company and successfully implemented projects and not just the specific activities of 2019.

How could you summarize the beginning of 2020?

Given the current situation, which is the global coronavirus pandemic, our company faces a completely new challenge which we have handled very well.
Due to the restrictions, City Cleaning has switched to remote working mode and most importantly, has kept all jobs!

During the period of the spread of Covid-19, the company demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility and carried out disinfection works free of charge.

The website of City Cleaning reads that professional cleaning is an in demand service for businesses. Could you please explain what you mean by professional cleaning and what makes it so in demand?

Cleaning to a professional standard, while hard to define exactly, generally means cleaning to a high standard.

The ultra-modern architectural style has increased the demand for professional cleaning, which means quality work carried out in the shortest possible time.

The number of loyal partners is a clear example of the reliable and quality service City Cleaning provides.

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Which cleaning technologies and methods has City Cleaning introduced on the Georgian market?

The priority of the company is to use modern technologies and methods in the field of cleaning. Which is why our services are even more attractive to customers!

City Cleaning is an exclusive representative of Fresh Products. What other exclusive contracts does the company have?

Several years ago City Cleaning became the exclusive representative of Fresh Products in Georgia. At the same time, negotiations are underway with several other large producers.

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