Clean House Marking its 5 Year Anniversary after Winning First Golden Brand

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Clean House is continuing to establish new standards of home and self-care in Georgia whilst meeting customers’ demands and wishes. This year the company is celebrating its five year anniversary.

Customers joined the Clean House team to celebrate its anniversary on 8 June. On that day Clean House offered a 20% discount to customers across its network of shops.

“We wanted to celebrate this date together with our customers. As we rightly predicted, none of our customers stayed home on 8 June,” said Ani Nadirashvili, Head of the Marketing Department.

Clean House first opened in Georgia in 2014 with just four stores initially.

“Our company started with four stores, but thanks to our growing customer base we opened more and more branches. As a result, today Clean House is represented by 120 stores in total, with branches in every regional centre and major city of Georgia,” she said.

Clean House offers all the necessary materials for home and self-care: cleaning and washing products; kitchen accessories; branded cosmetics; baby hygiene; office supplies and more. In total, Clean House offers about 1,000 sorts of products.

“The number of our branches is increasing rapidly as we open at least one new store every month. Very soon, new Clean House branches will be opening in the towns of Mtskheta and Khvareli, as well as on Kipshidze Street in Tbilisi,” said Nadirashvili.

The Clean House team tries to make home and self-care products affordable and accessible to customers. That is why Clean House branches have opened in every district of Tbilisi. The company also runs monthly discounts in order to keep its product prices suitably low.

“We try to make our products affordable for customers. In order to encourage customers, we’ve created a loyalty card via which our customers can save up points and then spend them. We’re happy that our customers are actively using this card. In order to create additional comfort for the holders of our loyalty cards we’ve created a mobile application through which they can save up points on their mobiles. The application is available for both Android and iOS system phones,” Nadirashvili said.

Thanks to the utmost success the brand achieved in 2018, Clean House became the favourite brand of its sector. Over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers named Clean House the No1 brand in Georgia in its specific segment.

Q. How many customers does Clean House have and how are their numbers growing?

A. We have about 300,000 loyal customers who are holders of our loyalty cards. The number of our customers is growing thanks to the various campaigns and offers that Clean House runs periodically in order to attract new customers.

Q. What is the competitive advantage of Clean House?

A. Overall, the level of competition on the Georgian market is very high. There may be lots of shopping networks in almost every district of the city which sell household cleaning products, however despite that, Clean House has no direct competitor.

What distinguishes us on the market is that we always take into account customers’ demands, offering them different campaigns and discount activities. Customers will always be able to find special offers for different products at our stores.

Q. What is the market-share of Clean House currently?

A. Currently Clean House holds a 15-20 percent market-share and this is growing every year.

Q. Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award for the first time this year. In your opinion, what led Clean House to this success?

A. This is our first Golden Brand win, and of course this is associated with a high sense of responsibility. This award came as no surprise to us actually, since Clean House is recognized as one of the fastest growing brands on the Georgian market.

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