Coastal regions: popular tourist destinations

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The FINANCIAL — Coastal regions are popular tourist destinations in terms of nights spent in tourist accommodation by both domestic and international tourists, when compared with other NUTS 2 level regions across the European Union (EU).

In 2016, almost 103 million nights were spent in the Spanish island region of Canarias, the vast majority of which were accounted for by non-residents (91 million nights spent).

The second most popular region was also in Spain, namely, Cataluña (80 million nights spent). Another Spanish coastal region, Illes Balears, was in fifth position, with almost 70 million nights spent in tourist accommodation.

The third most popular region was Jadranska Hrvatska on the Croatian coast (74 million nights spent) and in fourth position was the only non-coastal region in the top five, the French region of Île de France, with 71 million nights spent in tourist accommodation.

Data for 2017 are now available for most countries and the figures for all Member States are expected to be available in October.

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