Collaboration for a better future: Nikakoi and Volvo Car Sakartvelo’s Plug-in Hybrid campaign

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Volvo Car Georgia, together with electronic music artist Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi), has launched a new communication campaign whose main goal is to introduce twin-engine Plug-in Hybrid vehicles to the Georgian public and to continue the global trend of the brand – talking to local consumers about sustainable development and ecology.

The Volvo campaign kicked off in Georgia with a teaser video featuring an animation by Nika Machaidze, created especially for the campaign, That had a very positive feedback on social media.  

Other activities are also planned in order to attract the attention of as many people as possible, and not just in the role of spectators – their involvement and interaction will be vital.

The culmination of Volvo’s communication campaign is a video clip based on Nika Machaidze’s animation, which creates a contemporary art exhibition experience.


Gaga Kokhreidze, Director of Volvo Car Caucasus, notes that the aim of this campaign is to introduce premium class Plug-in Hybrids to customers, and bring the brand’s global communication trends to Georgia – with an emphasis on just how important it is to have a sustainable environment and care for the ecology. Each potential customer in the target segment can make a great contribution to this concept by purchasing the Plug-in Hybrid models of Volvo.

“Volvo Car Georgia is offering its Georgian customers new Plug-in Hybrids, which are just one step away from pure electric,” Kokhreidze says. “Although we have been importing these vehicles for about two years, we have yet to have an official presentation. We decided now was the time to introduce them to the public properly.

“We have calculated how much Carbon Dioxide will be prevented from entering our planet’s atmosphere if a customer chooses the Volvo Plug-in Hybrid rather than an internal combustion engine and surprisingly one person can save about 2.5 tons of C02 emissions per year.  In the global market, Volvo has an ambition that by 2025, of all vehicles sold, 50% will be pure electric and the other 50% Plug-in Hybrid. By 2030, Volvo wants its full range to be composed of electric cars.

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“The brand’s global communication campaign is fully focused on sustainable development and ecology,” he notes. “We decided to continue this trend in Georgia and promote sales of Plug-in Hybrid vehicles here, too. Our new campaign serves exactly this purpose, and the continuation of Volvo’s global communication in the local market.”

Nika Machaidze was very interested in participating in the campaign, saying that, as an artist, he found the concept of the collaboration new and exciting. The result is an animation and video that look more like an independent work than a brand campaign.    

And that suits Volvo perfectly, as its communication is always natural, putting the artist and creativity in first place.

“It is important that we are talking about Plug-in Hybrid vehicles,” Machaidze says. “If it was focused on fuel-powered vehicles, I would not be involved. For me, as an artist, it was very interesting to see how the music and imagery were given a different frame.”

“The process itself was comfortable – I was totally unlimited,” he notes. “I used to work quietly, alone, when creating an animation, and only then with the team that film the video. But I would say this collaboration came out perfectly.”  

The main character of the video, and the artist himself, of course, were not chosen randomly. Nika Machaidze, as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Georgia, was a natural choice to represent the idea and main message of ​​the campaign. As soon as the teaser appeared, people started commenting on social media that the video should be related to electric cars. According to the Head of Marketing at Volvo Car Georgia, Rusudan Grdzelidze, this means that the brand is on the right track.

Especially for the Volvo campaign, Nika Machaidze created two new compositions, both of which will be uploaded on Spotify soon, and those who buy a new Volvo Plug-in Hybrid will receive membership to the platform as a gift so they can listen to his music as often as they like.  

Rusudan Grdzelidze shares the details of the Volvo campaign with us:

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“Volvo already knows what its production should be like in 2025,” she says. “We asked Nika to create an animation of how he imagines Tbilisi in four years’ time. As a result, we got very colorful visuals, where the Volvo hybrid moves through the streets of the capital against the background of various sights. 

“The campaign will grow. One idea we have is to send coloring books, together with eco-friendly pencils to our partners and customers and ask them to color them in as their imagination dictates, as to how they see Tbilisi in 2025. The same visuals will be shared on social media so that more people can get the message about the importance of sustainable development and caring for the environment, which is greatly facilitated by driving Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.”

What are your expectations for this campaign?

“This campaign is for a specific segment. For those who choose “Volvo.” For whom protection of the environment and ecology, and taking care of our planet, is important,” Grdzelidze says.

“Stockton” worked on the video of the campaign.     

“Cooperation with Volvo is always very interesting, both in terms of content and their working approaches, which means maximum credibility and creative freedom,” says Stockton Founder Koka Gogokhia. “It was thanks to these that the idea emerged to turn this collaboration into a contemporary art exhibition experience instead of a standard collaborative video. The author of the idea is the director of the clip, Giorgi Zatiashvili, and the visual concept of this exhibition space was his too.  

“This is a first for us. The video is completely different, not only from auto industry standards, but also from the standards of the advertising market as a whole. With all this in mind, this project is definitely the most outstanding our team has been involved in,” Gogokhia states.

The Volvo Car Georgia campaign will end with a street art performance on a central street in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. The same animation and sights of Tbilisi created by Nika Machaidze will be displayed on the walls.

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