Congress President concerned by resurgence of regional tension in Georgia

The FINANCIAL — Reacting to the moving of the Administrative Border Line (ABL) between South Ossetia and the rest of Georgian territory, Jean-Claude Frécon, President of the Council of Europe’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities made the following statement:

“In March this year, speaking on behalf of the Congress, I strongly condemned the signature of a so-called “alliance and integration treaty” between South Ossetia and Russia. We were convinced that this move could heighten tension in the region and pose a threat to the local populations. The information we have received in recent days regarding the moving by the Russian forces of the Administrative Border Line between South Ossetia and the rest of Georgia, expanding a little further the territory of the separatist entity, is a cause of great concern to us.

We call on the Russian Federation to cease any action which could give rise to excesses that are in nobody’s interest and are condemned by the international community. The moving of the ABL beyond the villages of Tsitelubani and Orchosani placing the Baku-Supsa pipeline under the control of the Russian forces creates a further risk of destabilising the whole region.

The Congress has always been in favour of establishing regions with a special status which respect the territorial integrity of states. Consequently, the only reasonable solution is for South Ossetia to once again come under the control of the Tbilisi authorities.”


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