Constructing Since 1989: Anagi Celebrates 30 Years of Anniversary

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Georgia’s largest construction company Anagi is celebrating 30 years of anniversary this year.

Founded in 1989, Anagi today takes the leading position in Georgia’s construction sector, uniting over 200 completed projects in its portfolio.

The main activity of Anagi is civil and industrial construction and the scope of its activity includes the full spectrum of this field. The company offers a full service package to customers – starting from design works and completing with the commissioning of the site.

The company employs highly qualified engineering personnel, the majority of them having work experience of over 10 years. Currently more than 2,000 people are employed by the company.

Shopping centres in Tbilisi – East Point and Galleria Tbilisi, also a factory that will produce civil aircraft parts for Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier passenger planes – these are some of the major and large-scale projects implemented by Anagi.

Currently the company is working on 20 projects, of which are a soccer stadium in the Black Sea town of Batumi; new terminal at Kutaisi International Airport; hotel and golf club at Tabori mount in Tbilisi; and reconstruction of central streets of Tbilisi Orbeliani and Gudiashvili.

Arrangement of underground parking is already completed at Orbeliani Square. Parking is designed for 170 cars.

“The history of Anagi started in Georgia’s Adjara region. Years ago we implemented many interesting projects in Adjara such as the port in Batumi, reconstruction of the oil refinery factory, and reconstruction of educational institutions in Batumi,” said Irakli Gogolishvili, General Director of Anagi.

“Since 2011 the Quality Management System – ISO 9001 was introduced and continues to function efficiently. In 2017 Anagi successfully completed recertification in accordance with the rules established by the International Organisation for Standardisation and obtained an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Implementation of modern technologies and systems in management, as well as directly in construction, are the main priority of Anagi,” he added.

Gogolishvili thinks that these are the main reasons for the company receiving Golden Brand this year.

“It is very pleasant when your work is appreciated. I think 30 years of stable work on the market and a team of professionals led the company to success, to the leading positions, and gained it loyalty on the market. Being a leading construction company in Georgia means huge responsibility, which Anagi never avoids,” said Gogolishvili.

One of the latest projects of Anagi is Galleria Tbilisi – a shopping centre in the very heart of Tbilisi. This 9-floor building with one underground floor was designed with a full framed structural diagram. Its reinforced concrete load-bearing frame is decided with simple, flat platelike and straight bar elements.

In 2016 Anagi completed the project of another shopping centre – East Point; hotel Hilton Batumi; hotel Rixos Tbilisi; rehabilitation of Tbilisi City Council; hotel Piazza Batumi; and the State Music Centre of Batumi.

“Out of the current projects I would single out the Batumi football stadium, which is designed in accordance with the requirements of UEFA category 4 and can hold 20,000 spectators. Construction of this type of sports facility has not been carried out for at least a 50-year period anywhere in the country and is very interesting in this respect”, Gogolishvili said.

“Also, another very important project is the new terminal at Kutaisi Airport. The building is designed with a full framed structural diagram. Its reinforced concrete and metal load-bearing frame is decided with simple, flat platelike and bar elements. The foundation pit will be developed, and strengthening of its slopes will be carried out with a metal sheet pile wall”, he added.

Anagi has received its second Golden Brand this year, became the N1 brand in the nomination of the ‘Leader Construction Company’.

Anagi was named as favourite brand by about 2,000 surveyed customers and over 100 experts of Golden Brand.

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