Construction Company Ecohouse Consolidates into Holding

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One of Georgia’s largest construction companies, Ecohouse, has transformed itself into a holding company, and acquired ownership of Ecohouse Factory and Ecohouse FIZ.

General Director of Ecohouse Davit Morchiladze and Commercial Director Giorgi Perishvili told us that the company plans to introduce new products and services soon.

How has production capacity increased since the opening of Ecohouse Factory?

Davit Morchiladze: We opened the new factory and established a new organization, Ecohouse Factory, in 2019. Since the opening of the factory, production capacity has increased 50% and communication with customers has become more flexible.

The company has acquired a production line for cold storage doors. So far, the production process is in test mode and technicians are working to further improve the quality of the line.

We plan to start selling this product in fall 2020 on local as well as export markets.

Industrial construction is the main activity of Ecohouse. What about residential buildings, has the demand for your services in this industry increased?

Giorgi Perishvili: Construction of residential buildings is a new product for us however we have experience in this direction as well. We think we can add this service as a new profile.

How many new projects did Ecohouse implement last year?

Giorgi Perishvili: The company built 22 different types of industrial buildings in 2019, which is an 80% increase compared to 2018.

The company experienced a 20% increase in container production, producing 612 containers in 2019.

The company also experienced a 15% increase in sales of sandwich panels.

As of today Ecohouse is working on several large projects in different regions of Georgia, from which I would point out the vehicle parts manufacturing plant in Poti Industrial Zone and a wine factory in Kvareli. The total square footage of these two projects alone exceeds 6,000 sq.m.

In addition to these two projects, the company is engaged in the construction of several industrial facilities.

Most of Ecohouse’s clients are from the agricultural sector, however, in 2019 we attracted foreign investors from various business industries and implemented projects of different types and sizes.

What are the challenges the company currently faces?

Davit Morchiladze: Probably the biggest challenge not only for our company, but for the whole world, are the circumstances caused by the coronavirus.

We are proud to have fully maintained our team and overcome the crisis as a result of the company’s internal, well-guided management decisions.

As for positive developments, we assume the economy will move closer to the benchmark set before the crisis probably in September 2020.

What is the market share of Ecohouse currently and how have sales statistics changed recently?

Giorgi Perishvili: We hold more than a 40% share of the Georgian market in terms of the construction of industrial facilities.

As for sales, they have increased by 65% compared to the previous year.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. What led Ecohouse to this success in your opinion?

Davit Morchiladze: The consistent growth and development of the company, well-guided management, our team, the quality and services we offer our customers… I think it is these factors that led Ecohouse to its Golden Brand award and it is these factors that distinguish us from other companies.


Ecohouse was established in 2015 and soon became a leader of the construction sector in Georgia.

The company creates architectural structures per modern standards and also offers services in the design and construction of industrial and non-industrial facilities. Ecohouse builds with ecological and effective thermal insulation materials. The company also offers optimal and modern methods for project management and financial planning.

Ecohouse offers various products such as containers; PVC curtains; PPGI coils; isothermal doors; sandwich panels and associated accessories.

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