Construction Company Ecohouse Opening First Enterprise in 2019

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One of Georgia’s largest construction companies ‘Ecohouse’ is opening its own enterprise in Georgia this year.

“Construction of the enterprise started last year and we are now about to open it. By opening this enterprise we will increase the production capacity, will introduce new products, and create more comfort for our customers,” said Director of the company, Davit Morchiladze.

Ecohouse was established in 2015 and soon became a leader of the construction sector in Georgia. Morchiladze says that the company successfully maintains its leading position on the market.

Industrial construction is the main activity of Ecohouse. The company creates architectural structures according to modern building technologies and also offers the design and construction of industrial and non-industrial facilities. Ecohouse builds with ecological and thermal effective modern insulating materials. The company also offers optimal and modern methods for projecting and financial planning.

Ecohouse offers various products such as containers; PVC curtains; PPGI coils; isothermal doors; sandwich panels and their accessories.

“Sandwich panels are modern, innovative building materials that are very popular the over world, as well as on the Georgian market. We can freely say that sandwich panels have replaced traditional building materials in industrial building. The main difference being that sandwich panels have a high coefficient of heat insulation and require simple construction,” said Morchiladze.

“Any kind of construction of sandwich panels allows us to easily disassemble it and re-use the sandwich panels again. As for the price, it highly depends on the technical specifications and standards,” he added.

Ecohouse offers three types of polyurethane sandwich panels: roof sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels, and cold room panels.

Ecohouse received its first Golden Brand in the nomination of construction of industrial facilities.

Q. Could you please introduce us to the projects that Ecohouse is currently implementing?

A. Ecohouse successfully implemented 22 different types of industrial constructions last year and produced over 500 different types of containers.

Currently we are working on a number of projects, including the construction of warehouses, auto tech inspection centres, and storage facilities in Tbilisi. In total we have ongoing construction happening over more than 10,000 sq.m of territory.

Representatives from the agricultural sector are the main clients of Ecohouse.

Q. How competitive is the Georgian market?

A. Despite the high level of competition and the growing market we still maintain the leading position and are the largest importer company of sandwich panels.

There are mainly imported building materials in Georgia. Local production is gradually developing however.

Q. What is the market share of Ecohouse currently?

A. We hold about a 40% share of the Georgian market. As for sales, we doubled our sales volume last year.

Q. Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. This was the second Golden Brand win for Ecohouse. What has been your impression – what led Ecohouse to this success in your opinion?

A. Ecohouse is a young company and has not been operating on the Georgian market for very long.

Since its establishment Ecohouse has been developing fast and consistently, and most importantly – offering the best quality and prices to customers.

I think it is these factors that led Ecohouse to its Golden Brand award and it is these factors that distinguish us from other companies.

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