Could Cookies Be The Answer To Your Computer Problems?

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Computers are extremely expensive. Having to invest in a new one of good quality will set you out at least £1000, so you want to know you are getting a good deal. If your computer has begun getting slow, refusing updates and has less and less storage, you might be considering taking the plunge and purchasing a new one. Well, you might not have to.

We all know what cookies are, right? No, not those kinds of cookies. Digital cookies. Those little text files which track your online movement. You will have seen a notification pop up when you click on any news site, online store  – or basically any site into which you input your data. The notification will say something like, ‘This site uses cookies. Do you accept?’ Most of us just click any button that will get the notification to go away – we want to read the site, not be faced with a popup. But if you look closer, this could actually be making your computer slower and less functional.

How Do Cookies Work?

Every time you use a site, buy an item online or read a newspaper article online, that site will use cookies to ‘remember’ you have been there before. These cookies are used in order for sites to record how long you spend on them, what you click on, what you buy… It sounds pretty freaky, right? A little bit ‘Big Brother’. But these cookies are not used to harm you, but instead, to recommend other things you might like. The concept is a little unnerving, but generally, they aren’t anything to freak out about. They can actually be very helpful – we all want promos that work, don’t we? So why are they blocking up your computer functions?

Cookies, like any other digital file, are stored in your device. They can clog up your device’s storage, and slow the running of programs. If your device is already a little old and out of date, cookies can extrapolate problems that already exist.

How Can I Get Rid Of Cookies?

For starters, you should pay attention to cookie popups. If you get a popup when you enter a site about cookies, there will be an option to ‘amend my preferences’, or similar. Click on this, and you will be able to switch off any non-essential cookie use for that site. It takes ten seconds, and stops them from using all their tracking software. 

In addition, you should invest in antivirus software which scans your computer for duplicate files, virus alerts and yes, you guessed it, cookies. You can then use this software to mass-delete any cookies stored in your device. Think of it like a spring clean for your computer hard drive. You may find that your computer boots up and operates much faster, without so many files and trackers weighing it down. Don’t give up on your old laptop just yet – get rid of the cookies and watch it speed up!

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