Credit Suisse and AXA launch integrated bancassurance services

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The FINANCAIL — Credit Suisse is launching integrated bancassurance solutions for clients in collaboration with AXA. These solutions will be incorporated into CSX to complement this comprehensive digital offering from a single app.

The CSX digital banking offering to be launched next week enables clients to carry out all their banking business in one app. The new product range merges the expertise and experience of Credit Suisse with the user-friendliness of a digital-only bank. As announced, new functionalities will gradually be integrated into the CSX app over the coming months. Credit Suisse and AXA are entering into a cooperation in order to offer clients specific bancassurance solutions directly via the CSX app as well as through all other client channels. The insurance solutions will be available for selected client groups during the first quarter of 2021.

Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Digital Banking at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., stated: “Our collaboration with AXA is another milestone and brings us one step closer to our goal of providing our clients with a comprehensive digital offering from a single app. The integration of transparent insurance solutions into CSX is a perfect addition to this offering and addresses our clients’ needs.”

Thomas Gerber, Head of Life, Savings, and Health, and a member of the Executive Board of AXA, stated: “We are pleased to be able to add customized insurance modules to Credit Suisse’s new digital banking offering. CSX is very straightforward but provides a wide range of services, which makes the app a promising new distribution channel for our digital insurance products.”

Credit Suisse and AXA believe that the changing needs of the retail business are a source of significant potential, as clients increasingly seek to meet their financial planning and financial security needs through digital channels while still benefiting from the expertise and quality of experienced and proven providers.

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