Cybrella partners with Pileus to provide security services for cloud environments

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The FINANCIAL — Cybrella, a provider of specialized cybersecurity professional services utilizing in-depth knowledge of the attack landscape, today announced a partnership with Pileus to provide optimized security services for cloud-based environments.

Most organizations today use cloud services and solutions for their day-to-day operations, and that trend is growing exponentially. However, securing cloud-based services and applications is often a daunting and expensive task, especially since many, if not most, organizations lack the unique skills that are required.

Unless an organization gets assistance from qualified practitioners to address their cloud’s cybersecurity needs, they will likely experience surprises and significant unplanned additional expenses. A number of factors contribute to run-away costs when securing cloud infrastructures.

Limited Visibility: Lack of visibility in the cloud environment leads to poor management of organizational resources. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have accurate, real-time data showing which services are being utilized, which ones are actually working as desired, or which services are even required. As a result, the company pays for services that are not working, not needed or both.
Incorrect Resource Provisioning: When a provider fails to correctly anticipate needed cloud services, some cloud resources may be flooded while others remain idle, leading to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies.
Inadequate Budget Forecasting: Cost forecasting is complex and requires setting up processes and workflows, deep expertise, and extracting the right data. While most cloud platforms provide auto-scaling to help control cloud costs, they struggle to properly adjust for new services, variations in demand, or fluctuations in software efficiencies.
Lack of Clearly Defined Responsibilities: It’s often difficult to determine just who is responsible for the myriad number of cybersecurity issues and tasks—the cloud provider or the customer utilizing their services. This important job is often neglected, resulting in surprise security incidents, added expenses, and strained relationships.
Cybrella’s Approach—Cutting Costs with Expertise and Optimization

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By combining Cybrella’s unique cybersecurity skill sets with the cloud optimization capabilities of Pileus, organizations can significantly decrease their costs associated with securing their cloud infrastructures.

Cybrella provides the needed deep security skill sets that organizations typically lack and will work with existing staff to properly assess security needs, develop appropriate policies, and clearly define responsibilities. Additionally, Cybrella can build the appropriate methodology for auditing and monitoring your organization’s information and provide on-going assistance for proper visibility, resource provisioning, and budget forecasting. These essential services are designed to significantly reduce and control costs.

Utilizing the Pileus cloud optimization and management platform, Cybrella customers can visualize, manage, and optimize their cloud environments. Pileus collects and consolidates the customer’s cloud environment data into a single platform, enabling them to optimize and successfully manage its cloud environment. This is done by gathering data and metadata related to the customer’s cloud-based services use. The Pileus service collects the data into a centralized data analytics platform and delivers customized analysis, recommendations, and usage and cost trends.

Customers can access the Pileus Service Offering via a web browser and by using scripts via a public API. The Service Offering absorbs a variety of data sources that are processed and stored as time-series metrics that can be analyzed, visualized, and alerted for optimization, status reporting, anomaly detection, and troubleshooting of modern cloud infrastructure.

Most people think that technology is the key to driving success in the cloud, but in reality, it comes down to controlling cloud costs. Cloud cost optimization can be achieved by planning your cloud resources utilization, smartly selecting your cloud features, and optimizing cloud performance, along with the above-mentioned practices. Of course, partnering with the right managed services provider can definitely contribute to even more cloud cost savings.

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Together, Cybrella and Pielus enable secure cloud services and effective cost control, and long-term cloud cost management. With these optimized services, businesses can get the most out of every corporate dollar.

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