David Zalkaliani has Pledged Support to Georgian Diaspora Representatives in Finland in Maintaining Their National Identity and Close Links to Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — The Minister updated them on the ongoing processes in Georgia, the challenges facing the country and Georgia’s foreign policy achievements. The Minister spoke extensively about the Georgian Government’s Action Plan and key priorities of the development of the country.

The Georgian Foreign Minister highlighted the priority importance of working on Diaspora-related issues. Special note was taken of a great number of initiatives and projects the Ministry intends to carry out abroad in support for Georgian Diaspora. It was noted that Georgia has small Diaspora in Finland which plays a big role in increasing perception of Georgia in Finland and in improving bilateral cultural relations. Special note was taken of Georgia’s great potential in the area of tourism. The Minister thanked Diaspora representatives for their active part in attracting Finnish tourists and visitors. Many projects are also carried out for bringing the two nations closer culturally.

Special attention was paid to the importance of Georgian Sunday Schools in the foreign countries in terms of maintaining the Georgian language and national identity. Diaspora representatives welcomed the creation of Sunday School Manual at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Discussions also focused on Georgia’s European integration agenda. Diaspora representatives received information on the visa-free travel process and on the measures taken by the Georgian Government for the prevention of requesting asylum by violators.


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