Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Services Integrate Genomics Into Core Offering

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The FINANCIAL — Dell on February 29 at HIMSS 2016 unveiled new technology solutions and intelligence to advance the industry toward patient-focused, information-driven healthcare.

Dell has extended its Cloud Clinical Archive Services to include genomics data. This will empower healthcare organizations to unlock the potential of clinical health innovations and manage storage growth from next-generation sequencing and advanced diagnostic technologies. Additionally, the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive integrated with Zebra Medical Vision’s Analytics and Research platforms is now available, enabling clinical sites to provide future-ready healthcare, according to Dell.

“The rapid pace of innovation in genome sequencing and translational genomics research is revolutionizing disease prevention, prediction, diagnosis, and targeted therapies in neurology, oncology, and inherited and rare diseases,” said Sid Nair, vice president and global general manager at Dell Services for the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) business. “Dell is focused on helping customers centrally manage the dramatically increasing volumes and sources of patient data, which is paramount in today’s already burdened clinical IT departments to continue to deliver personalized medicine enhanced by this revolution.”

Dell’s Cloud Clinical Archive Services to support genomic data

Dell Cloud Clinical Archive, which is currently hosting more than 11 billion medical images and nearly 159 million clinical studies, offers healthcare providers a scalable, compliant, healthcare-only, private cloud data management and protection solution in a fully managed service through a secure hybrid cloud platform. Dell’s services also enable healthcare customers to utilize, integrate, manage, recover and share data and analytics, as well as other types of pathology and laboratory information, from disparate data silos.

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The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive consolidates patient data into a complete, patient-centric clinical perspective, which can be accessed through on-demand, authorized, integrated workflow and collaboration tools. Interdisciplinary care teams, including bioinformaticians, geneticists, molecular and other healthcare practitioners, researchers, analysts and clinicians are empowered to make more effective diagnoses and individualized treatment decisions.

“Extending the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive to support genomic data recognizes the rapidly evolving role of advanced diagnostic technologies in personalized medicine,” said James Lowey, Chief Information Officer of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). “As Dell continues to innovate with advanced analytics of complex medical data, Dell Cloud Clinical Archive Services continue to provide TGen with a trusted, fully-managed, unifying source of all relevant patient data, and enables the collaboration that is central to the delivery of personalized medicine.”

Dell Cloud Clinical Archive translating healthcare data into prevention and treatment

The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive is transforming medical imaging with its recent integration of Zebra Medical Vision’s Analytics and Research platforms into its core offering. Clinical sites now have immediate access to machine vision algorithms that automate screening and diagnostic decision support to assist in creating disease-based risk profiles and help identify candidates for preventive care and wellness programs.

Potentially asymptotic diseases can have long-term care and cost consequences, if not addressed through early detection.  The addition of the imaging results provides caregivers with information to identify patients at risk for a number of diseases early including osteoporosis, cardiac disease, liver disease and coronary hypertension.

Aimed to aid academic institutions and researchers, medical device and contract research organization the platform has a growing population of anonymized, indexed imaging studies, reports and associated clinical information, reducing some of the costs and complexities of research. The online community for research fosters collaboration with all major computer vision and machine learning tools, fully web based and with full security and privacy features. The result of the research can benefit population health through Dell’s Imaging Insights Platform.

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Dell today also announced new insights from the Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) that reveal how healthcare organizations are using cloud, mobility, security and big data and introduced an all-new medical monitor designed specifically for health professionals.


Dell Cloud Clinical Archive supporting genomic data is expected to be available in April 2016.

Dell’s Cloud Clinical Archive integrated with Zebra Medical Vision algorithms is available now.


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