Detecting and preventing cybercrime while being compliant has never been more complicated

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The FINANCIAL — Compliance protects your business continuity. as well as your clients’ data and personal information from potential attacks or breaches that might cause financial losses, risk your reputation, and lead the company to sanctions. In addition, compliance works for your competitive advantage, allowing you to offer data and data transfer security to your clients.

During the International Conference on Cyber Crime and Legal Compliance, we will discuss sensitive issues for data protection security, as well as the biggest risks, norms, and regulations of the moment. We’ll also touch on the economic aspects of compliance, including how companies can and should prevent and protect themselves from data breaches, economic sanctions, cybercrime, and how to ensure legal compliance with national and international regulations.

The Conference offers education on the topic of ‘Cyber Crime and Legal Compliance’, outstanding networking opportunities with tech and law experts, complimentary lunch and question and answer sessions with speakers.

For those that cannot, or would rather not make the journey to Tbilisi, purchasing a ticket will guarantee you access to the conference via video, as well as electronic access to educational materials used.

Main Speakers:
Gaynor Ogden-Sutton (Former Head of the Public Defender Service of England and Wales, from 2000-2007) Gaynor is an Oxford University, Balliol College, Law graduate and master’s degree holder, Solicitor and High Court Advocate. She currently advises the Governing Board of Educational Providers of South West England on constitutional, legal governance, issues. Gaynor has an exceptional background and expertise in criminal law, having been a Senior Crown Prosecutor from 1989 to 1991. Throughout her impressive legal career as a specialist criminal law practitioner, she has been involved in notable cases e.g. changing the definition of ‘suspect’ and bringing about changes in the Police and Criminal Investigation Code. The Legal Services Commission of England and Wales has sent Gaynor to lecture and advise in Mexico, Columbia, Malawi, Lithuania and Georgia on the establishment of legal defense systems and the management of government legal organizations.

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Maka Petriashvili (Cyber Security Expert, Co-founder of CYSEC Cyber Security Educational Center) Maka has worked at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia since 1999, specializing in cybersecurity, military intelligence, defense policy and planning, human resources and strategic defense review. She worked as a human resources and organizational development consultant in the Cyber Security Bureau and coordinated the Cyber Security Awareness Project in 2015-2016. She is also involved with cybersecurity awareness training and has participated in the development of Nato’s Cyber Security Generic Reference Curriculum. She holds a Master’s degree in security studies from the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and a Master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Manchester, England. Maka is involved in various cybersecurity projects as a lecturer on cybersecurity, cyber hygiene and cyberbullying.

John Chain (Blockchain Expert, Founder and President of Chain Enterprises LLC, Nevada, USA) Long before founding Chain Enterprises LLC in Nevada, USA, John had been tackling unique problems in technology. From as early as age 11, when he took over his family’s IBM XT computer, he experimented with a bulletin board based on Wildcat! BBS and dove into Slackware Linux from a CD in the back of a computer magazine. Soon after Phrack, Alt 2600, and DEFCON l to self-study in software development and offensive Cyber Security. John recently retired in Colorado after spending 12 years as a Green Beret with the 10th Special Forces Group of the US Army. During his service, he developed offensive and defensive cyber solutions, worked as a Department of Defense trainer alongside a penetration testing organization within the defense community, developed custom-built solutions with single board computers and off the shelf electronics, and managed various exercises and events around the globe with multinational partners. When Bitcoin surfaced in 2009, he did some research and dedicated several machines to mining. Although the old mining hardware has long since disappeared, his dedication to explore and develop within the blockchain space continues to grow. No longer content with simply mining, John focuses his tech energy on creating unique solutions with existing hardware. His latest project leverages GPU mining hardware to create a cluster machine learning and distributed rendering solutions.

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Maksim Iavich (Cyber Security Expert, Professor of Computer Science, Founder and President of Scientific Cyber Security Association) Maksim is a distinguished cybersecurity academic and practitioner, heading the Cyber Security Department at Caucasus University, and has been named ‘The Best Young Scientist OF The Year’ by the Shota Rustaveli National Foundation in his homeland of Georgia. Internationally Maksim is known as a prominent speaker at global cybersecurity and hacking conferences. In 2018, Maksim was the keynote speaker on Defcamp9, one of the biggest hacking conferences in Europe. He is certified in cybersecurity by international universities such as Stanford and Maryland. Maksim is involved in various, international scientific cybersecurity projects as the key researcher, and a highly skilled cryptographer and software penetration tester.

Sandro Bibilashvili (International and Georgian Law Expert, BGI Legal Partner. Adviser to large corporations investing in Georgia in banking, oil, and industry, among others.)


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