Deutsche Telekom selects Ericsson for 5G-ready network

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The FINANCIAL — Faster, safer, and more stable – To offer customers an even better customer experience, Deutsche Telekom is modernizing its mobile network with 5G-ready multi-standard solutions in Germany. For this important step towards 5G, Deutsche Telekom has selected Ericsson as supplier for its current and future network in one out of two market areas of Deutsche Telekom in Germany. The modernized network will bring improved network performance experience to subscribers.

Ericsson will modernize Deutsche Telekom’s 2G, 3G and 4G network with a multi-standard solution. This deal is a five-year agreement that will include delivering a multi-standard Radio Access Network, based on Ericsson’s Baseband 6630 product and multi-standard radios, Ericsson Network Manager for OSS, as well as hardware and software support and services.

In this context, the OSS for the radio network enables unified network management, according to Ericsson.

Arun Bansal, Senior Vice President and Head of Market Area Europe and Latin America, says: “We listened to Deutsche Telekom and understood their urgency to have 5G-ready infrastructure in order to stay at the forefront of customer service in Germany. We can run multiple standards on the same baseband hardware and a 5G upgrade will be able to be performed by a simple software download to the radio sites. And, during these deliveries, we will use the experience from our 5G activities around the world to be sure that Deutsche Telekom has the most advanced hardware and software in the industry.”

Deploying the 5G-ready radio access network infrastructure marks a new chapter of collaboration between Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom. Ericsson has been a trusted partner for Deutsche Telekom´s 2G network and IP telephony network (Mobile and Fixed).

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“Now, we are expanding our partnership and building a foundation for a joint journey towards 5G,” says Arun Bansal.


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