Development of External Sector Statistics with the Support of Danish Experts

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The FINANCIAL — In the framework of the EU Twining project, the second mission of the international experts has visited National Statistics Office of Georgia.

During this week, Danish experts held the meetings with the employees of the External Trade and Foreign Investments Statistics Department of Geostat that aims assessment and development of the external trade statistics.

At the meetings, the experts will study the current situation of the sector, methods used, data sources and ongoing problems as well as will develop plans to elaborate internationally comparable methodologies and to improve and develop the quality of external sector statistics that is one of the priorities for Geostat. The opportunities of production of statistics on international trade in services will also be discussed during the meeting.

Geostat and Danish statistical offices have started the implementation of EU funded Twining project since April of this year that will last for 24 months. The project includes four components: External Sector Statistics, National Accounts, Business Statistics and Social Statistics. The next mission of Danish experts in regards to the Business Statistics is planned by the end of month.


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