Dmitry Kumsishvili Attended First Biotechnological International Conference

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The FINANCIAL — LEPL Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, US National Science Foundation and the US University of Tennessee jointly organized the first international conference on biotechnologies which was held at the hotel Vere Palace. 

“Such meetings should result into revealing the certain fields in which Georgia is more competitive and creating certain sectors, which will bring additional revenues to the country in the future. We realize how important it is for the country to have clear and focused vision and strategy regarding the research implementation and development that will provide proactive participation of all governmental institutions in the process of building of knowledge-based economy. Georgia has quite a strong potential and willingness to become a regional center and gain a competitive edge in biotechnologies in the region as well as worldwide.

Knowledge and innovation-based rapid economic development in the country is achievable through strong support of the government and close cooperation between the private sector and scientific circles,”- Dimitry Kumsishvili said.  

As the organizers of the event noted, the conference aims to share the international experience to Georgia concerning thermophilic microorganisms biology and biotechnologies, implement those innovations, increase Georgia’s potential and initiate joint studies and projects. As the Head of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency Irakli Kashibadze stated, foreign speakers will provide the audience with the detailed information about the nature of the thermophilic microorganisms and biotechnologies and explain the importance of Georgia’s involvement in the process. He also emphasized the significance of establishing of the international cooperation, promotion of the field, getting access to the international market and facing the new challenges. 

First Biotechnological International Conference was attended by the members of the National Academy of Science, professors of Georgian Agriculture University, representatives of Ministry of Agriculture, Rustaveli National Science Foundation and diplomatic corps as well as invited scientists and experts of the US National Science Foundation and the US University of Tennessee, according to Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.


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