Doehler Georgia – ‘We Bring Ideas to Life’

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Leading supplier of natural food ingredients for Georgia’s non-alcoholic beverage industry Doehler Georgia successfully continues its development in the Georgian market and keeps the leading positions in Georgia.

DoehlerGmbHis one of the world’s leading producers, marketers and suppliers of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Using nature and innovative technologies as the company’s starting point, the Doehler portfolio includes more than 15,000 applications on the market, a staff of more than 7,000 committed employees, customers in more than 130 countries, over 5,000 different raw materials, more than 50 innovative technologies and product solutions for more than 120 B2C categories.

Headquarter of DoehlerGmbH is in Darmstadt, Germany.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, Doehler has been operating for 16 years already in the B2B industry. Doehler Georgia’s target segment is the non-alcoholic beverage producing factories and the majority of them have already become its clients.

This year Doehler Georgia received its second Golden Brand award, which is the most prestigious and influential business award in Georgia.

Over 100 experts of Golden Brand as well as customers, who were also involved in this year’s survey, named Doehler Georgia their favorite brand in the field of natural ingredients supplier of Georgia’s food industry.

GeneralDirector of Doehler Georgia George Odisharia talked us about the company’s activities and its contribution to the development of Georgia’s non-alcoholic beverages industry.

Doehler Georgia has been operating for 16 years already. What is the contribution the company has made to develop the country’s non-alcoholic beverages industry?

We are proud to say thatDoehler Georgiahas held 90% of the market share for years. During this time, the company has made a great contribution to the development of non-alcoholic beverages in Georgia, and created many new taste and aromatic profiles.

That is why a majority of non-alcoholic beverage factories have been loyal customers of our company’s products for years.

What are the latest trends in the world’s food ingredients industry and how does Georgia follow those trends?

Today, the direction of Aqua Plus, sports drinks is gaining more and more popularity in the world. Cold tea, juices, cocktails, low-alcohol beverages, beer mixes, energy drinks, lemonade with duo flavors also remain demanded.

Our motto is – ‘WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE’ – which briefly describes Doehler’s strategic approach towards innovations and entrepreneurship. This includes market research, monitoring trends, development of innovative products, food safety and consultations about microbiology.

In total how many products does the company offer the market?

With the help of modern technologies, Doehler offers to food and beverage industry more than 5,000 different raw materials such as natural flavours, fruit concentrates, extracts, natural food colors, dairy & plant-based Ingredients, dry fruit & vegetable ingredients, health ingredients, microbial detection solutions.

The company’s website reads that ‘Our experienced specialists consult with customers, develop recipes according to the latest trends and cooperate with manufacturers until the moment of launching a new product’. What kind of consultations does Doehler offer customers?

We offer full technological support to manufacturers, which includes the creation and development of a recipe for the desired product, as well as the introduction of a new product in the production line.

In addition, it is necessary to have proper logistics and permanent warehouses for the smooth operation of local factories. The company also conducts training and seminars on topics of interest to manufacturers and prepares focus groups.

Could you please summarize what 2019 was like for your company?

It was a very successful year for our company.

We have implemented several new projects and increased sales statistics significantly. Sales increased by 20% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Like every year, in 2019, several new, important clients have been added to our numerous customers’ list, which is very gratifying for us. In total, Doehler Georgia has more than 200 clients.

To our clients, we offer high-quality products with quality proofing documents. exclusive and competitive prices, permanent supplies, free technological consultations, development of flavors and recipes in Georgian and German laboratories according to the manufacturer’s requirements, innovations in the production of beverages, degustations, free seminars and training for customers.

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